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In a couple of days the New Years madness will begin. Lots of “hootin’ & hollerin” and phony resolutions made by drunk people.

The fact is, nothing will be different on Jan. 1, 2018 for most people than it is right now.

The “bottom feeders” of the fitness world will be pushing their miracle diets and fast easy ways to lose huge amounts of weight really fast with no effort.


Unfortunately, the general public actually falls for their lies and hype.

People often times don’t know (or don’t really want to know) how much hard work and discipline it takes to be healthy and  in shape over the years.

Like the title of this article says, you have to make smart choices and work hard day by day to get fit and stay that way.


If you are a disciplined person, this won’t affect you; however, most people are not.

Twice a year, New Years day and just before bathing suit season (aka summer) starts people who have not been working out or  eating clean all year start to panic.

All of a sudden, they want a better-looking body and they want it fast.

Of course, they also want it to be easy.

Hence, they fall prey to the many phony fat  loss schemes and miracle diets that slick marketers will be pushing during that time.


News flash:  you cannot get fit or healthy or better-looking overnight

The people who want to look healthy and fit don’t worry, because they have been doing the things it takes to be that way all year, and it shows.

Discipline is not impossible to develop, though it is in short supply in the “popular culture”.

People are not entitled to a healthy, fit, good-looking body no matter how much they think they are.

They will have to work hard for it over the course of months and years.

There are no short cuts or easy ways.

It is not too late to start being a more disciplined person.

The rewards will be well worth it!



Combining basic strength-building exercises is a good alternative for circuit training. We did one at our Iron Brotherhood Mens Weightlifting Club yesterday.

Some people love to compete, but many do not.

While competition is a valid way to test your capabilities, it is not for everyone.

You  will hear people say, “I only compete against myself.”

That statement is true in many cases, but they still need a way to measure their progress, even if it is only keeping a training journal and logging their workouts.

That is where local, on-site testing comes in.

This gives everyone a good chance to see what they need to improve on and reinforces what they are good at already.

I have found that small group or individual testing can be of great value if done regularly and gives a good cross section view of each person’s fitness level.

It is important to know what you want to find our from the tests you use, then to be able to analyze the results so any changes you need to make in program design can be implemented smoothly at your training facility.

Testing should be challenging, but just administering a “beat down” proves nothing.


We are starting a 3 month challenge on Oct. 1

“Before” photos will be taken this week

Gals and guys will compete “in-house” for

  • fat loss
  • muscle gain

There will be a tie-breaker event which will be heaviest deadlift per pound of bodyweight


The help everyone along towards their goals, we will ramp up the training even more 🙂

Cave Strong gal from Frank DiMeo on Vimeo.



Tom is retired and Nicole is active duty