Nothing changes until something changes (every day)

In a couple of days the New Years madness will begin. Lots of “hootin’ & hollerin” and phony resolutions made by drunk people. The fact is, nothing will be different on Jan. 1, 2018 for most people than it is right now. The “bottom feeders” of the fitness world will be pushing their miracle dietsContinue reading “Nothing changes until something changes (every day)”

Only 26 days until “fat panic” sets in

If you are a disciplined person, this won’t affect you; however, most people are not. Twice a year, New Years day and just before bathing suit season (aka summer) starts people who have not been working out or  eating clean all year start to panic. All of a sudden, they want a better-looking body and theyContinue reading “Only 26 days until “fat panic” sets in”

Simple strength circuit

Combining basic strength-building exercises is a good alternative for circuit training. We did one at our Iron Brotherhood Mens Weightlifting Club yesterday.

The value of testing

Some people love to compete, but many do not. While competition is a valid way to test your capabilities, it is not for everyone. You  will hear people say, “I only compete against myself.” That statement is true in many cases, but they still need a way to measure their progress, even if it isContinue reading “The value of testing”

Cave Strong-news

We are starting a 3 month challenge on Oct. 1 “Before” photos will be taken this week Gals and guys will compete “in-house” for fat loss muscle gain There will be a tie-breaker event which will be heaviest deadlift per pound of bodyweight   The help everyone along towards their goals, we will ramp upContinue reading “Cave Strong-news”

Cave Strong–recommended training catalog

72 pages of great training content from coaches like Zach Even-ESh, Bud Jeffries, Michael Krivka and more view or download PDF below HARDSTYLE2014Winterfullaff_edited

Cave Strong–How to crush PRs and shatter plateaus