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Action-takers get the deals and others don’t. It’s just that simple.

You can still get Adex maces shipped to you from their website


The special promo, “cash & carry” sale is under way and one mace is sold and only two remain.

Action-takers will grab this opportunity!

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general warm up (10 minutes)

kettlebell figure 8’s x 50 reps

alternating kettlebell swings x 30 reps

Inch worms x 50 feet

windshield wipers x 20 reps

specific warm up (5 minutes)

Burgener drills

squat cleans set up and light practice

strength (20 minutes)

squat cleans x 5/5/5/5/5 reps

conditioning/accessory work (2 rounds)

Adex club long cycles x 30 reps

Adex mace 10-to-2 x 20 reps

This is a one time deal, which we have never offered before!

There are only three Adex maces available on this deal.

Register for the Mace Fit Instructor Certification on July 28-29

and buy an Adex mace at our “cash & carry” sale and you will get the price of the Adex mace credited back you from your registration fee.

For example:

registration $299 – mace $199 = certification $100 (before July 21)

We are psyched to see who  the next group of Certified Mace Fit Level 1 Coaches will be!

Only open-minded, forward-thinking people will see where this type of training is headed. Mace training is gaining popularity very quickly all over the world.

You can be part of the next wave of fitness or you can miss it, it’s up to you.

Action-takers can register now at

Still not sure?

Tune into my podcast with John Greaves, “What is Mace Fit?” this coming Tuesday at 5PM Eastern Time

In January 2016 Don Giafardino came to the Cave to introduce his Adex clubs and maces for the very first time, I saw the value in his equipment right away. He came back since then for a couple of more workshops. His commitment level was and is “through the roof”! He has my complete trust.

Our entire Mace Fit program is based on the plate-loadable feature of Adex maces and clubs. They just make sense, especially for group training.

For a small gym, we have quite a bit of his equipment and have a solid following here locally for our Mace Fit classes.

Right now, Don has a big sale running on his Adex maces and clubs 

Take action and get yours during the sale! You will get great equipment at a great price!


Since we’ve lived  in a beach town for many years and the  the beach was only a few miles away over a very scenic causeway, we ran often and it was exhilarating.

I used to  run a lot at Ft. Bragg when I served in the Airborne, also. Different scenario, but still good.

While I am not opposed to running even now, however, after a partially torn Achilles tendon, I replaced running with other forms of exercise for cardio, as the title above says.

There are many ways to do cardio without running, but my favorites are sled pulls and macefit training.

When I post to social media I use the tag #cardiowithoutrunning as you might expect.

What I looked for was a way to not pound my knee joints and not take all day to get the job done.
Here’s a few exercises we use at the Cave.
Learn more about this type of training on my other website