Back by popular demand (and because the coach thinks it’s a good idea)

We are adding CF Striking training into our Warrior Strength-Cardio classes. We used this several years ago in our Tropical Trauma MMA conditioning classes. This fits well with our Adex mace and club exercises, Battling Ropes, etc. that are already part of the classes. Here’s a brief look at how it works Please note thatContinue reading “Back by popular demand (and because the coach thinks it’s a good idea)”

One size doesn’t fit all in work capacity

The “one size fits all” approach to training is not good. Everyone is not alike, no matter how you slice it. I have experimented with various levels of training frequency and volume over the years for myself and those I train. Work capacity varies from person to person. Some people will thrive training only twoContinue reading “One size doesn’t fit all in work capacity”

Your survival and safety are up to you

When a crisis hits, it’s your responsibility to protect your family and yourself. It doesn’t matter if it is a tornado, a shooter, or a terrorist, the guys in Washington D.C. can’t help you. They can pass all the laws they wan t, they can make treaties but those things cannot protect you from imminentContinue reading “Your survival and safety are up to you”

“Non-gym” workouts

Why do I trainĀ  outdoors when I own my own gym? I love training outdoors! Besides somethings you can only do outdoors, like throwing kettlebells, etc.

More classes being added

Starting next week I am adding several day time Warrior Strength-Cardio classes to our schedule. Our lead off class tonight was a hit! It is a great change of pace from all the heavy lifting we do at the Cave.This will give everyone’s bodies a chance to get some active recovery while improving endurance, gripContinue reading “More classes being added”

Warrior Strength-Cardio

Ancient warriors had to be able to fight hand-to-hand all day long. Just defeating one of the enemy was just the beginning, there would probably be many more. We have designed our new class with those ancient concepts in mind. Maces and clubs were used in close combat back then, and we will use themContinue reading “Warrior Strength-Cardio”

Clubs were used by Native Americans

Since we have added club and mace training to our programming, I wanted to add a bit of history on their use over the centuries. Many people are familiar with the club and mace training done inĀ  countries like India, but probably not too many on their use here in America (granted America is aContinue reading “Clubs were used by Native Americans”

Thinking outside the box sounds good, but

I hear that phrase used a lot, in fact it is used so much it is pretty meaningless. I mean it sounds cool (or it used to) but few people actually put it into practice. It seems that many people just switch boxes and still get trapped inside small thinking patterns and training dogmas. ManyContinue reading “Thinking outside the box sounds good, but”