Why many people will not train at the Cave

That’s simple, you have to work very, very hard during our training sessions. We believe that strength drives all human movement and developing strength is our main focus. We believe in lifting heavy weights safely. We  believe that correct technique is the only acceptable technique. We believe that consistency is key to obtaining excellent results.Continue reading “Why many people will not train at the Cave”

Cave Strong–heavy dumbbell work

 After the bench press then the heavy DBs were used, these are 105lbs. They worked up to 120lbs

Cave Strong–Why we are switching to Primo

Loved by weightlifters around the world Choose this conveniently packaged product to carry and dispense your Primo Chalk. Preferred by athletes around the globe, loose Primo Chalk provides an excellent grip and conditions your skin at the same time. Primo Chalk is created by combining quality hand chalk (magnesium carbonate), with a blend of fiveContinue reading “Cave Strong–Why we are switching to Primo”