Monday was squats, Wednesday was bench, & Thursday was Adex mace


Getting strong from every angle

Life is unpredictable, at best, you never know what you might be facing that day when you get up in the morning. I believe that our training should build a well-rounded readiness for any situation. If someone were to ask how we train at the Cave, for instance, “Do you do Powerlifting or Olympic Weightlifting?”,Continue reading “Getting strong from every angle”

Does nature punish the specialist?

One of the statements that caught my attention when I first found CrossFit in 2004 was that nature punishes the specialist. Over the years I have learned from numerous coaches and athletes who are very accomplished in their respective sports, whether it is Powerlifting, Strongman, Underground, Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit and more. In the overall schemeContinue reading “Does nature punish the specialist?”

Twice a year “fat panic” sets in, don’t be fooled

Summer is just about here and so is the next “fat panic” across America. This occurs   around New Years also. It is very predictable. The unreasonable fear of looking bad in a bathing suit suddenly hits those who have neglected their health and fitness all the rest of the year. Here’s the main problem, though:Continue reading “Twice a year “fat panic” sets in, don’t be fooled”

Tendon strength–the missing link in training

The first time I heard tendon strength mentioned as a focal point of training was back in 2004 at a Russian Systema school here in my city. The instructor, Saulius “Sonny” Puzikas, had served in Special Operations (Spetsnaz) before the collapse of the Soviet Union. He knew what mattered in the real world when. itContinue reading “Tendon strength–the missing link in training”

What is the “non-gym” movement?

Adex Exercise Club Workshop Jan. 23

Don Giafardino is an innovative coach and the creator of the Adex Exercise Club. He is a contributor to Unconventional Athlete Magazine and the Motivation & Muscle  podcast show