At 80 years old he said, “Give me this mountain!”

I love to read about people who have refused to fall apart as they chronologically age. There is so much “evidence”¬† that says you cannot be strong and fit your whole life. I say flush all that garbage! Must be that this ancient warrior never read the studies that said he couldn’t do what heContinue reading “At 80 years old he said, “Give me this mountain!””

New Adex exercise club & mace classes!

We are really psyched to be adding exercise club and mace training to our schedule! Exercise clubs and maces work your body very differently from barbells, dumbbells, etc. These classes will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30-7:00pm

When to change your training program

People change training programs way too often and it does not help them progress. Instead of more lean muscle mass they just end up with more frustration and confusion. Here’s a few tips that should be helpful when deciding when and how to change your current training program.    

Ancient martial arts stone training

Most people know of stone lifting as a part of Strongman training. The roots of stone lifting are centuries old. Some stones are legendary and well-known , like Iceland’s Husafell stone . Modern day Strongmen, like Eric Fiorillo, will make the journey across the Atlantic Ocean to lift that stone. Bud Jeffries seems to liftContinue reading “Ancient martial arts stone training”

Plugging the holes in your training program

There is no “one size fits all” perfect training program. In spite of all the hype online and in other media about the latest and the greatest fitness program, there is no one thing that produces the same results (or any results) for everyone, all the time, without fail. It just doesn’t exist! There areContinue reading “Plugging the holes in your training program”

Missed lifts & mental victories

I have said many times that if you never miss a lift you are not lifting heavy enough. That kind of parallels something I used to say back in my martial arts days, if you say you’ve never lost a fight, you have never fought anyone who was really good. It’s the same outlook appliedContinue reading “Missed lifts & mental victories”

A big man’s journey from 400 lbs to 270lbs

My buddy, Al Ernst, used to weigh almost 400lbs. As a professional comedian for a major cruise ship line, he has traveled continuously worldwide for about twenty or more years. Needless to say, spending that much time on cruise ships is not the healthiest way to live. Here’s a video of Al doing a skitContinue reading “A big man’s journey from 400 lbs to 270lbs”

Adex Exercise Club Workshop Jan. 23

Don Giafardino is an innovative coach and the creator of the Adex Exercise Club. He is a contributor to Unconventional Athlete Magazine and the Motivation & Muscle¬† podcast show  

When hitting your goal isn’t good enough

If you have coached long enough, you will be familiar with this. A person hits a goal without really giving 100%, then leaves thinking they did good. Well, they didn’t, here’s why– the goal was not big enough they could have done much better with full effort Never let a person get away with thatContinue reading “When hitting your goal isn’t good enough”

None of us are as smart as all of us

I heard this quote years ago and I don’t remember who first said it, but it is very true. Did you ever notice how those who are successful in any field are the ones who seem to always be hungry to learn more? Take the field of strength and conditioning, for instance. Basically you haveContinue reading “None of us are as smart as all of us”