For better health, live life minus the madness of popular culture

A movie or story might start with “Long ago and far away” or “In a simpler place and time” to set the mood. People often hunger for these things since we now live in a world filled with rage, hate, gross immorality, and violence. All these things produce huge amounts of stress, and can wreckContinue reading “For better health, live life minus the madness of popular culture”

Convenience is the killer

Americans are notorious for packing their schedules too full, but they are not alone. Convenience beckons them with fast food instead of real food, energy drinks instead of sleep, texting instead of talking to people face to face,  and fat loss gimmicks instead of effective fitness training. Soon or later convenience will cost them dearly. The mindsetContinue reading “Convenience is the killer”

Hold the ice, please, I want to recover faster!

I had the distinct honor of having Gary Reinl stop by my gym, the Cave, while he was in town working with a Pro sports team and take the time to do this podcast. His approach to recovering from injuries makes too much sense to ignore. Listen to the podcast here Iced!: The Illusionary TreatmentContinue reading “Hold the ice, please, I want to recover faster!”

True recovery is more than just not lifting for a couple of days

Anyone who lifts heavy and hard knows how important it is to get adequate rest and recovery. In fact, all those who train hard, even if they are in a non-barbell sport, know this. However, many people sabotage their recovery through excessive amounts of stress. Much of that stress comes from being completely immersed inContinue reading “True recovery is more than just not lifting for a couple of days”

Book recommendation

I am studying this book now and it is one of the most informative I have read in quite a while, and I read a lot of books. Scott Iardella shows numerous reasons why strength is so important all through life, but especially as you age. He covers some subjects in depth that many peopleContinue reading “Book recommendation”

“I feel old, now that I am 35” Really?

In support of Movember (mens health awareness month) I just wrote an article on my other blog about being active and fit all your life. Too many guys are dying way too you! It shouldn’t be that way and doesn’t have to be! Read it here  

How the culture tries to profit from “aging” you early

One thing I hate is someone trying to make me think, act, and live how they think I should at a certain age. They first try to get to you when you turn 50 and they send you an invitation to join a very large “geezer’s” organization (it starts with the letter “A”). Forget it!Continue reading “How the culture tries to profit from “aging” you early”

Toxic thought is dangerous to your health and life

Unless you are living under a rock, you see and hear this poison every day. On the Internet, hate is at epidemic proportions. In traffic, people are ready to kill others because they don’t like how they drive. People are seething with rage, bitterness, and vengeful thoughts. Even if they don’t act out those thoughts,Continue reading “Toxic thought is dangerous to your health and life”

Twice a year “fat panic” sets in, don’t be fooled

Summer is just about here and so is the next “fat panic” across America. This occurs   around New Years also. It is very predictable. The unreasonable fear of looking bad in a bathing suit suddenly hits those who have neglected their health and fitness all the rest of the year. Here’s the main problem, though:Continue reading “Twice a year “fat panic” sets in, don’t be fooled”

Someone else being skinny didn’t make you fat