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How to get stronger and tougher- In the gym and in life - Using the training secrets of the Athletic Elite

CrossCore® Hardcore Revolutionary Resistance: How to Build Maximum Muscle and Extreme Strength Without Weights, Machines or Gyms

How I Lost 120 Pounds and Remade My Body and Mind with the Kettlebell Swing

Convict Conditioning

Raising the Bar

I am studying this book now and it is one of the most informative I have read in quite a while, and I read a lot of books.

Scott Iardella shows numerous reasons why strength is so important all through life, but especially as you age. He covers some subjects in depth that many people may not have looked into before, like muscle wasting (sarcopenia).
The Edge of Strength: An Unconventional Guide To Live Your Strength And Discover Your Greatness

I love to lift barbells and other heavy things. That kind of training gets results!

However, my other training passion is bodyweight training.

Bodyweight exercises are deceptively hard to do. Most don’t look that difficult, but wait until you try them!

Here’s an excellent training resource on bodyweight training, which I have studied already.

I recommend what works, period! I partnered with this company to get the word out on this book. Click on the book cover to read more about it. C-Mass: Calisthenics Mass by Paul Wade Calisthenics Mass: How To Maximize Muscle Growth Using Bodyweight-Only Training By Paul “Coach” WadeKeep in mind that not everyone will get the same results since everyone is different physically and in their levels of dedication.

I have studied all of these books and have integrated the information into our training here at the Cave