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It is an understatement to say the flood of information (and mis-information) on the Internet is very confusing.

There are some very credible training resources online which are often almost blotted out by hype and faddish nonsense.

Unconventional training is  not exempt from this any more than mainstream fitness.

The general public often falls prey to the flashy and unfounded promises of unscrupulous advertisers. They just know, and often are too lazy to do their “homework” to find the quality coaches & trainers.


People sometimes group things together in an attempt to  simplify things.

Take for example  mace training.

Is mace flow like a mace completion at the Vintage Strength Games?

No, not at all. The only similarity is that they both use maces

It is important for people to know what they would like to learn and why.

Here’s another example.

Is a mace certification the same thing as a certification?

Once again, the answer is no.

A mace certification teaches the mace.

Macefit teaches a broader spectrum of training using different types of equipment.

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our classes will still be held at the regular times

These classes are too important to put on hold for two weeks while we run the other tests!


general warm up (10 minutes)

mountain climbers x 100 reps

jumping jacks x 50 reps

Adex mace swings x 15/15 reps

Adex mace cross over swings

Adex club mills x 30 reps

specific warm up (5 minutes)

Grinder Kord complex set up and practice

strength (20 minutes)

Grinder Kord complex, one round =10 reps each of  I/Y/T/A

conditioning/accessory work (2 rounds)

Grinder Kord overhead pulls** x 15 reps

(**use a sit-back position with torso inclined forward

to keep the handles over your head)

wide grip recline bar rows x 15 reps


Credible, experienced instructors are like gold.

In a world full of self-appointed experts, phony fitness gurus, and Internet cowards with big mouths; it is good to know that there are actually good solid coaches, trainers, & instructors out there too.

I learned decades ago, in my early classical martial arts days, that humility and respect were vital in having the opportunity to learn from seasoned, high-ranking instructors.

Though my focus of training is no longer martial arts, humility and respect are still very important.

Remember, the best instructors don’t need you, you need them.

When I was blessed to find several excellent coaches back in 2004, I learned everything I could from each of them as often as I could. I still learn from those same coaches and have sought out several more.

Don’t jump around trying to find the someone who has the lowest prices, remember you will get what you pay for.

Good instructors have invested thousands of dollars to learn what they know now.

You are not entitled to it for free or quickly!