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Memorial Day schedule

Posted: May 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

In the morning we will be closed in order to pay our respects to all those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. This should be a time of deep reflection for all Americans.

Memorial day is not just another 3 day weekend so people can get drunk and stupid!

We will train in the afternoon because every citizen should be fit, strong, and prepared to fight if we have to.

The Cave will be open 3:00-7:00pm (last class starts at 6:30pm)

Nothing less than 100% effort is allowed in my gym, and I mean nothing less!

It doesn’t matter if the weight is light or heavy or just bodyweight, you are required to give it all you have.

That is the way of the Cave!

Here’s what tests your commitment and self-discipline:

You give 100% once again and everything feels heavy, slow, or awkward.

This is not your best day, but you still trained.

Because you trained, you still improved, even if it looks like you haven’t.

Sometimes it’s a mental victory.

My good friend, Boxing Coach Tony Spain, once said, “Some days you’re on and some days you’re off.” Those words have stayed with me for years.

Some days are really going to suck, that’s just the way it goes. You have to be able to take it all in stride and continue on. It’s all part of the process.

Expect your next training session to be excellent, no matter what!

You hear the phrase, “Do what you love!” pretty often. It’s popular and safe and cushy.

However, that is  not the path to progress.

Doing what must be done is what gets results, whether you love it at the moment or not.

Force of will is needed to do what you just don’t feel like doing, but know that you should.

It doesn’t let you wuss out or leave you any wiggle room to get around it.

The work has to be done.

The results follow the work, it’s just that simple.

If you do the hard work, even when it is inconvenient, you’ll probably get to do what you love after a while.

The process has to be completed. There are no shortcuts.

(below–Strongman Bud Jeffries doing heavy plate rows)





Important schedule updates

Posted: May 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

Mark these dates down–

  • May 19 the Cave will be closed


  • June 10 “Steel Drums, Steel Clubs, & maces” (Adex club and mace workshop with Don Giafardino starts at 11:00am, followed by our unofficial mace & club competition, and then genuine Jamaican food and live Reggae music)
  • June 12-16 the Cave will be closed for vacation


Here are his 7 Laws of Training

A while ago I did a free t-shirt promo for our new Steel Club & Mace class.

Your t-shirts should be in on Monday!




general warm up (10 minutes)

kettlebell swings x 30 reps

Adex club pull overs x 30 reps

Zercher sandbag squats x 10 reps

Strongman log cleans x 10 reps

specific warm up (5 minutes)

triple tire flip and rear drag** set up and light practice

strength (20 minutes)

triple tire flip and rear drag** x 1/1/1/1

**drag tire backwards to your starting point

conditioning/accessory work (2 rounds)

lateral sledge hammer strikes x 10/10 reps

tire pummeling x 10 reps