maces, clubs, & Atlas stones?

We’ve had the Vintage Strength games since 2019, but this year’s games will be the best yet. The events will include Strongman and mace/club events. Athletes will have to be brutally strong and well-conditioned to handle this type of competition. I love this stuff! Get all the details at Woodall’s Vintage Strength Games​ In this crazyContinue reading “maces, clubs, & Atlas stones?”

Unilateral work levels the playing field

Just about all heavy lifts are done with two hands. No doubt bilateral work can get you strong. But what if your dominant side compensates for your weaker side? Maybe there’s a muscle imbalance lurking in the shadows. Unilateral exercises could probably help fix that. Dumbbells, kettlebells, maces, & clubs are great for that. Snatches,Continue reading “Unilateral work levels the playing field”

resolution, revolution, or discipline?

I hope you had a great Christmas. Now New Years is coming up fast. Many people will be making resolutions for 2023, most of which will probably fizzle out in a couple of weeks. They will do basically nothing. Others will opt for an extreme, even drastic plan to get in shape. It’s kind ofContinue reading “resolution, revolution, or discipline?”

politicians & news versus steel & iron

In this crazy world we live in very few things are reliable or predictable. Politicians often lie. News stations always have their spin (agenda) when it comes to news. Facts get lost in the blur. Thank God that iron and steel are reliable. Henry Rollins made that point several years ago. When you pull aContinue reading “politicians & news versus steel & iron”

Psyched to be at the Tampa Bay Strongman Classic Nov. 5

Today I’m double-checking what we need to run our booth at this epic event. This is our 4th year as a sponsor and I am chomping at the bit to get up there in that high-adrenaline atmosphere. Watching Strongman on TV or online is great but it doesn’t compare to being there in person. YouContinue reading “Psyched to be at the Tampa Bay Strongman Classic Nov. 5”

Functional fitness after Hurricane Ian

We were blessed to be volunteers for disater relief work on Sanibel Island this past Saturday. This house was not on the beach and still had storm surge up to the 2nd floor. The was work was very demanding to say the least, but well worh being there to help. “Do unto others as youContinue reading “Functional fitness after Hurricane Ian”

A different way to press from Chuck Ahrens

I love to study strength training of all sorts., Yes, I do especially like Strongman training, but Powerlifting is right up there too. Zach Even-Esh says, “You can’t fake strong.” Several years ago I learned about a monster of a man named Chuck Ahrens from one of Josh Bryant’s books. Legend has it that hisContinue reading “A different way to press from Chuck Ahrens”

I almost died in 2018 , here’s how I came back

I was recently on a Zoom call with our Mace Fit coaches and I shared something I don’t usually talk about with people outside of my family. It was well received and I was encouraged to share it publicly. So here we go. On June 5, 2018 I was in an ambulance heading for theContinue reading “I almost died in 2018 , here’s how I came back”