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Since I am doing a major fall clean up at the Cave tomorrow, anyone who wants to stop in and train on their own while I am there is welcome.

Call first, to make sure I am there when you want to come in; I will not be there for the whole day.

I wanted to post this early, since so many people will already be traveling tomorrow and Thanksgiving is Thursday.

Thank you to all who follow my posts here and on other social media!

Enjoy your time with the people who mean a lot to you.

Be grateful for all you have!

2015-07-17 19.00.06

So wherever your travels take you, be safe and be blessed!

2017-11-18 06.55.09

True story

While at a local state park in southwest Florida this afternoon, we stopped at a bridge to see some alligators. They are very common in this area, but there are some things a person needs to know about them, as this sign indicates.

2017-11-19 04.57.00

In spite of the warning signs, one guy near the other end of the bridge decides to go down the embankment towards the river bank (must have been a tourist, locals know better). At that time there was only one gator visible from the bridge.

2017-11-19 04.58.51

The further he walked down by the river, two more gators popped up

2017-11-19 05.00.20.jpg

and you guessed it, more did the same. Soon there are five gators eyeballing this guy, and he doesn’t even realize it. The end of his life could be fast approaching, gators are faster than people think.

In case you are wondering what in the world this has to do with training, just hang on, I’m getting there.

We cannot always see when we are close to an injury or worse in our training, that is where a “second set of eyeballs” comes in handy. Usually that will come in the form of a coach or an experienced training partner.

They can see something from there perspective that you can’t (or if you are egotistical,  refuse to see even if it obvious).

By the way, the gators did not get that guy down by the river, at least not this time; but his bad choices will probably cost him dearly down the road.

The take home point is this:

We all need someone to hold us accountable, to give us honest feedback, and to warn us of something about to go wrong.

When I was growing up a “black & blue” just meant a bruise. It didn’t have any hidden meanings or subtle agendas; it was just a common phrase.

Sometimes when doing hard work or training you get bruised up (like catching your finger between two 45lb plates or dropping one on your foot)

You won’t die, but it gets your attention!

Anyway, we are open the day after Thanksgiving.

So, instead of following the herd to the stores and fighting for a parking spot on Friday, just go train instead.

If you are local, or on vacation, come to the Cave.

You can shop online later anyhow.

Mace & club training is spreading like wildfire!

Take a class during your lunch break!

No classes until 10:30 am due to a medical appointment

Mace & club training are taking the fitness world by storm!

You can learn this excellent training system just minutes away from beautiful Siesta Key Beachbeach

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