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We were blessed to have an incredible first day at the certification!

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I often run into people who definitely refuse to accept limitations as opposed to those who never even try anything difficult.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about a young gal with no arms who seemed to doing just fine eating a a pizza place we were at.

This evening, we were leaving beautiful Lido Beach just before sunset, and a guy was loading his surf board on his SUV.

He was parked right next to us and I glanced down and noticed at the prosthetic leg he had. It was not slowing him down a bit.

I told him he wins the award for guts and he broke into a big smile.

He walked over to his door and easily got in this fairly high vehicle like he was working on parallel bars.

He waved and drove off. I thank GOD for people with that kind of “never quit” attitude!

As we approach a new training week I wonder how many people will rise to the challenges they face and crush them.

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