Are certifications over-rated?

Only a handful of certifications are really worthwhile to get, in my opinion. I went after numerous certifications when I was just starting out. Back then I really didn’t how little some of them would actually apply to the types of training I have found to be the most effective. Don’t get me wrong, someContinue reading “Are certifications over-rated?”

Under the radar all these years proving their methods work

When you blaze your own path  there might be a few people “who get it” who might come along side you, but most often you go alone, This is not for the timid! While you always seek out the best information you can, sometimes to just have to experiment with what fits you and yourContinue reading “Under the radar all these years proving their methods work”

Iron Brotherhood Weightlifting Club is for all guys 18 and over

Sled pushes and farmers walks from Frank DiMeo on Vimeo.