Cave Strong-training of the day (TOD) #418

general warm up (10 minutes) 2 hand side swings x 30 reps (with Adex club) mountain climbers x 100 reps dumbbell high pulls x 10/10 reps Sanddune jumps x 15 reps specific warm up (5 minutes) trap bar deadlifts set up and light practice strength (20 minutes) trap bar deadlifts x 3 rest pause setsContinue reading “Cave Strong-training of the day (TOD) #418”

Why good technique is so important

(Getting coached on my squat by the legendary Powerlifter, Ed Coan) No one wants to get “no repped”in a meet or on a test; solid technique will solve that problem. Isn’t there more to having good technique than that? Why do coaches constantly stress technique anyhow? First, let me clarify that, good coaches do andContinue reading “Why good technique is so important”

Simple strength circuit

Combining basic strength-building exercises is a good alternative for circuit training. We did one at our Iron Brotherhood Mens Weightlifting Club yesterday.

Lifting mindsets–open rage or silent fierceness?

The longer I live and lift, the more important the mental aide of training becomes. Of course, the mental side of training is vitally important in other types of training, also. I was first introduced to mental aspect of training during my early years of martial arts practice. It has stayed with me ever sinceContinue reading “Lifting mindsets–open rage or silent fierceness?”

The lost art of respect in training and in life

Life in the midst of the human race can be challenging, even on a good day. A lot of that has to do with how we see other people. How we treat others in the gym and in life  often depends on the filter we are viewing them through. It is very common for peopleContinue reading “The lost art of respect in training and in life”

Over trained or just under recovered?

Over training can occur, of course, however many people do not train intensely enough or often enough to warrant undue fear of it. You can hear all kinds of differing opinions on it, like anything else on the Internet, just keep in mind it is a possibility. I am more inclined to think that peopleContinue reading “Over trained or just under recovered?”

Recap of Ed Coan’s Powerlifting Seminar on June 4, 2016

The heat index was 112 degrees today in southwest Florida, and nobody cared if there was no air conditioning. We were there to learn from the incredible Ed Coan. Most of the people who came were extremely strong already, but they knew the value of expert coaching, they knew they could get even stronger. IContinue reading “Recap of Ed Coan’s Powerlifting Seminar on June 4, 2016”

Cats and dogmas

In case you are wondering, this has nothing to do with cats, but a lot to do with dogmas. I just liked the catchy title! So let’s briefly define dogma as quoted from “Dogma means the doctrine of belief in a religion or a political system. The literal meaning of dogma in ancient GreekContinue reading “Cats and dogmas”

What is the “non-gym” movement?

Back by popular demand (and because the coach thinks it’s a good idea)

We are adding CF Striking training into our Warrior Strength-Cardio classes. We used this several years ago in our Tropical Trauma MMA conditioning classes. This fits well with our Adex mace and club exercises, Battling Ropes, etc. that are already part of the classes. Here’s a brief look at how it works Please note thatContinue reading “Back by popular demand (and because the coach thinks it’s a good idea)”