Take it outside if your gym is shut down

I have been training outdoors for years, even though I own a gym. Plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Now with gyms being shut down all over my home stae of Florida, all our training is now outdoors. We stay in compliance with the CDC guidlines to make sure ebeyone stays safe and healthy. FindContinue reading “Take it outside if your gym is shut down”

Our Cave Men getting it done without the gym being open

View this post on Instagram Driveway Mace Fit class @adexclub @macefitnation #adexclub #nongymnomads A post shared by Frank DiMeo (@cavepicz2) on Mar 21, 2020 at 9:37am PDT

Mace Fit was created at the Cave and now we have an app for it!

Download the app for Android devices right here Soon we will have one for iPhones also

How leaders keep improving

Leadership is an elusive term, so to simplify it look at this way. If people are following you in the real world, then you are a leader. If no one is following you there, you are not a leader. It’s just that simple. Following you on social media is not even close when it comesContinue reading “How leaders keep improving”

Cave Strong-quarterly strength & work capacity tests #7 & #8

General warm up (10 minutes) Americanas x 50 reps 1 hand halos x 15/15 reps Adex club mills x 20 rep Sanddune plyo push ups x 10 reps specific warm up (5 minutes) push press test rest as needed specific warm up (5 minutes) Adex mace test **Note: no conditioning/accessory work during tests**

Cyber Monday Mace Fit Super Deal

Be the first Certified Mace Fit Coach in your area– Save $200.00 on our online Mace Fit Instructor Certification today only! Be a leader in the next wave of fitness! Action-takers get the Super Deal because they don’t procrastinate or delay. They take action and win! Limit 25 registrations with this coupon Click the linkContinue reading “Cyber Monday Mace Fit Super Deal”

Huge savings roll out at 12:01 am tomorrow

Psyched about the super sale for our online Mace Fit Instructor Certification Right after midnight the Cyber Monday super deal will be unleashed! Action-takers will be grabbing this up fast, so be one of them!

Mace Fit class last night

grave digger squats with a 50 lb Adex mace

Push, pull, load, carry, throw–any questions?

Here’s a quick look at how we train at the Cave     View this post on Instagram #macefitnation #adexlub ,#steelmace A post shared by Frank DiMeo (@cavepicz2) on Aug 22, 2018 at 2:42pm PDT View this post on Instagram #cavestrongnation #cardiowithoutrinning A post shared by Frank DiMeo (@cavepicz2) on Aug 16, 2018 at 4:17pmContinue reading “Push, pull, load, carry, throw–any questions?”