pushups & pummeling for full body strength

Gotta love Mondays! It’s a great day to get stronger. Here’s a couple of exercises to kick start your week: clock pushups tire pummeling Back when they had clocks with hands on them 12 o’clock was at the top. So that’s where we start the clock pushups. Do a rep there then hand walk sidewaysContinue reading “pushups & pummeling for full body strength”

Going heavy to go lighter, but heavier than before with P.A.P.

Now that’s a mouthful isn’t it? This something we used at the Cave, espeically during our testing cycles. I learned about post-activation potentiation or (P.A.P.) from Coach Travis Mash. This helped our athletes hit new PR’s on a regular basis. It helps prime the central nervous system for very heavy work. P.A.P. can be usedContinue reading “Going heavy to go lighter, but heavier than before with P.A.P.”