Being healthy is not your default condition

Many people today think they are entitled to be healthy without doing anything about it. I am not just talking about being lean or ripped, just generally in good health. Folks, it’s not just a given that you will wake up each day and be healthy, much be fit. Granted, some people are born withContinue reading “Being healthy is not your default condition”

Stopping the “orphan-makers” (how our training might help you quit smoking)

Since cancer has wreaked havoc on my family members and friends over the years, I have a serious dislike of cigarette smoking. Most everyone I know who has died of cancer was a smokers (connect the dots).. Many people still smoke even though they have lost friends and loved ones to cancer.  evidently, they justContinue reading “Stopping the “orphan-makers” (how our training might help you quit smoking)”