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We are starting a 3 month challenge on Oct. 1

“Before” photos will be taken this week

Gals and guys will compete “in-house” for

  • fat loss
  • muscle gain

There will be a tie-breaker event which will be heaviest deadlift per pound of bodyweight


The help everyone along towards their goals, we will ramp up the training even more 🙂

Everyone who is serious about getting strong and more fit needs this book!



Each year when most people take Labor Day off, we train extra hard.

The tradition of having Hard-Labor Day started several years ago, and kind of  “took  root”.

Any experienced coach knows that simply driving people to utter exhaustion and having them puke is not the mark of good training. What matters is helping your people progress.

Hard-Labor Day is not a total beat down, but it will have some extra work built in. We never accept less than 100% effort on any training day, though!