Legendary Powerlifter, Ed Coan (left) and myself (right) at Coach Coan’s Powerlifting Seminar.

Here at the Cave we continuously strive to bring you the very best training we possibly can. We learn from the best coaches/athletes  around so we can help you achieve your goals.

When you see this sign, drive through to the back parking lot!


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I am studying this book now and it is one of the most informative I have read in quite a while, and I read a lot of books.

Scott Iardella shows numerous reasons why strength is so important all through life, but especially as you age. He covers some subjects in depth that many people may not have looked into before, like muscle wasting (sarcopenia).
The Edge of Strength: An Unconventional Guide To Live Your Strength And Discover Your Greatness

20161201_184815Training after a long day at work takes extra discipline, but it is worth it!

20151211_095217Well, this is the final post for Movember.

As with most things pertaining to improving the health of men, many guys will ignore it, unless it pertains to getting 6-pack abs without doing any hard work or dating a woman 1/2 their age.

That is to their own detriment, which they will probably regret later (in the hospital).

The smarter guys will heed the advice and take consistent action on it.

No one gets healthy and fit by accident, it is not something you are entitled to as I wrote in my earlier article “Being Healthy Is Not Your Default Condition”

Eating clean, getting enough exercise, getting regular check ups with your doctor, etc. is not rocket science.

My hope is that many guys will wake up to the facts of what it takes to get fit and healthy and actually do something about it!

I learned this from Bud Jeffries.
It challenges you in a different way!


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