How I got started with Underground Strength training

I found several extremely knowledgeable coaches back around 2004-2005. All of these guys were really strong and they all trained in garages, parks, back yards, etc. None of them trained in gyms! One if the first training resources I ever got my hands on was Zach Even-Esh’s Underground Strength manuals Almost 9 years later,Continue reading “How I got started with Underground Strength training”

Cave Strong–equipment recommendation

I met Ryan Pitts about a year ago at the Super Human Training Workshop #3 in Tallahassee. He is one of the most innovative manufacturers of strength equipment I have met. Ryan is crazy strong, which validates his training methods,and the equipment he designs and uses himself. Here’s one of my favorites, the 3 inchContinue reading “Cave Strong–equipment recommendation”

Cave Strong–Iron Onslaught supporting Barbells for Boobs

Come to the Cave on Nov. 11, or do this at your location Iron Onslaught Deadlift at least 5000 LBS in 30 minutes, lift more if the time has not run out at 5000 LBS.