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Cave Strong--squat tips from Frank DiMeo on Vimeo.

I found several extremely knowledgeable coaches back around 2004-2005.
All of these guys were really strong and they all trained in garages, parks, back yards, etc. None of them trained in gyms!
One if the first training resources I ever got my hands on was Zach Even-Esh’s
Underground Strength manuals
Almost 9 years later, I still refer back to them.
I market Zach’s manuals because I believe in his training, and use it myself.

Cave Strong--suer

Last week I recommended the 3″ steel grip balls from this equipment supplier.
Take a look at his full line of high-quality training equipment
Stronger Grip

I met Ryan Pitts about a year ago at the Super Human Training Workshop #3 in Tallahassee.
He is one of the most innovative manufacturers of strength equipment I have met.
Ryan is crazy strong, which validates his training methods,and the equipment he designs and uses himself.
Here’s one of my favorites, the 3 inch steel grip balls.
These have heled me pull about 70lbs more on my deadlift without straps!
I market Ryan’s equipment because I know it got real, measureable results for me.
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