Josh Bryant and Fred Hatfield’s new book is a goldmine of information

There are very few books I recommend any more. This one is well worth reading!     //

The “new study” on one minute workouts missed the main point

The general public is often scammed by the “latest and greatest fitness break through”. Why is that so common? Simple– people are lazy people refuse to do solid research people are gullible This is why people fall for the supposed shortcuts. Take the recent study that claims that one minute of intense exercise is equivalentContinue reading “The “new study” on one minute workouts missed the main point”

Never be a slave to the opinions of others in training or in life

There are many parallels between how you train and how you live your life. Most of the people I respect as mentors have gone “against the grain” of popular opinion in both of those areas. They don’t worry about being cool or accepted or liked, they just blaze their own path or “follow their gutContinue reading “Never be a slave to the opinions of others in training or in life”

Power Wheel/Adex club/dips finisher

What is the “non-gym” movement?

I saw this on the wall of a bar, back in the day

I no longer drink any kind of booze, but when I used to I ended up in many “interesting” places (biker bars, usually). They have their own brand of humor and way of looking at the world. This was a classic quote: “We cheat the other guy and pass the savings on to you.” ForContinue reading “I saw this on the wall of a bar, back in the day”

Common “money leaks” to avoid in your gym business

I was listening to Bud Jeffries the other day on the Motivation & Muscle podcast show and he mentioned that many of the claims that people make about how much they make from their gym business are false. If you are spending more than you make, regardless of how many clients you have, you areContinue reading “Common “money leaks” to avoid in your gym business”

The value of testing

Some people love to compete, but many do not. While competition is a valid way to test your capabilities, it is not for everyone. You  will hear people say, “I only compete against myself.” That statement is true in many cases, but they still need a way to measure their progress, even if it isContinue reading “The value of testing”