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We started our Iron Brotherhood group several years ago. Here’s some of the reasons why, besides just having a blast when we meet.

When I left the military years ago I missed the camaraderie and  brotherhood a lot.

I have heard that from many veterans over the years, and nothing will equal that.

Well, we can’t go back, but we can build a new type of brotherhood.

I have noticed in the civilian that most guys nowadays never experience any type of brotherhood, unless they are Law Enforcement, Firefighters, or First Responders.

Many guys live in a self-made prison called  isolation. That is a very destructive way to live, if you can call that living.

In our Iron Brotherhood mens strength club, our motto is “A common struggle builds an uncommon bond”. We strive to break men out of the prison of isolation.

They find camaraderie in our workouts and the meals we eat together.

“Lift big, eat big” is another saying heard at the Cave, and the guys know how to do both.

We don’t care what religion you are or aren’t,  what your skin color is, what your politics are. We really don’t give a rip! You are welcome at the Iron Brotherhood!