Don’t let your ego sabotage your progress

A measured amount of confidence is a good thing but an over-sized ego is not. It takes a lot of maturity and wisdom, along with a solid work ethic to make progress over the long haul. If you are training alongside someone who can pull 100lb more than you, that doesn’t automatically mean you shouldContinue reading “Don’t let your ego sabotage your progress”

Weakness starts in the mind

It seems that being in terrible shape is very accepted in our current culture. How in the world did that ever happen? Simple, it starts in the mind. As people people renounce any notion of being responsible for their actions and play the victim card, they get weak mentally. It gets worse the more theyContinue reading “Weakness starts in the mind”

A big man’s journey from 400 lbs to 270lbs

My buddy, Al Ernst, used to weigh almost 400lbs. As a professional comedian for a major cruise ship line, he has traveled continuously worldwide for about twenty or more years. Needless to say, spending that much time on cruise ships is not the healthiest way to live. Here’s a video of Al doing a skitContinue reading “A big man’s journey from 400 lbs to 270lbs”