Know why you are training and what you are training for

    People are confused about many things these days, every thing from politics to gender to eating habits and so forth. One thing I have noticed as a coach is people are confused about what it takes to improve various aspects of their health and fitness. A person came to my gym “to getContinue reading “Know why you are training and what you are training for”

The repeating cycle of inconsistency

I have a lot of motivational graffiti on the walls of my gym,  the Cave. Two of my favorites are: “Don’t complain about the results you didn’t get from the work you didn’t do.” (which I saw on the wall of Laurel Blackburn’s gym in Tallahassee, FL   “If you are tired of starting over,Continue reading “The repeating cycle of inconsistency”

Why we train on Labor Day, we call it “Hard Labor Day”

There are few today who really work hard physically. There are some exceptions of course, like our military, construction workers, farmers, lumber jacks, block masons, dry wall installers, OT’s, PT’s, First Responders, etc. Many people only exercise their thumbs from texting or playing video games. They sit all day, that is far from actually  doingContinue reading “Why we train on Labor Day, we call it “Hard Labor Day””