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People are confused about many things these days, every thing from politics to gender to eating habits and so forth.

One thing I have noticed as a coach is people are confused about what it takes to improve various aspects of their health and fitness.


A person came to my gym “to get strong” so they said, yet they didn’t understand what it takes to get that way. They thought getting all sweaty and collapsing on the floor out of breath was the path to getting strong.

As we worked through our warm up, technique practice, and on into our work sets they just didn’t get it

We work to establish a solid foundation of basics with correct technique before we allow people to lift heavy. It should be simple to understand, but for many it isn’t.

Some people really are chasing the experience rather than the results.

They think if they are not “crawling out the door” at the end, then they didn’t really workout.

We spend a lot of days doing heavy sets of 1 to 5 reps, which to someone who wants to feel like they just did 100 burpees it just doesn’t match their expectations.

However incorrect their expectations are, that is not how we build strength at the Cave.

Once a person has good technique on the basic lifts, we ramp it up.

We also add in a variety of training tools that are not commonly used in many gyms. This requires learning more basics. You might be good at barbell lifts, but try a heavy keg, sandbag, or stone and see what happens.

They just want it to be fast and furious, to feel the rush, and their heart feeling like it will burst out of their chest.

That is all fine if they want to build muscle endurance, aerobic capacity, etc.

Metcons definitely have their purpose in overall conditioning, people just shouldn’t confuse the different types of training and program design.


More about hand strength

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The training tips newsletter I sent out yesterday covered different aspects of hand strength.

I wanted to post videos of pinch strength here since I didn’t put them in my training tips  newsletter, though it covered the other main aspects pretty well. In fact, you can read it here

But here are the rest of the videos





I just sent out my latest newsletter on this subject, and you can read it here

All in a day’s work

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The Cave will be closed Sept. 15 through 19

Regular schedule resumes on Sept. 20

I have a lot of motivational graffiti on the walls of my gym,  the Cave.

Two of my favorites are:

  • Don’t complain about the results you didn’t get from the work you didn’t do.” (which I saw on the wall of Laurel Blackburn’s gym in Tallahassee, FL


  • “If you are tired of starting over, quit giving up.” (this was written by a former SWAT Officer who used to train with us several years ago.

I have said many times that consistency is the key to making progress in your training.

Yes, all the other factors, like nutrition, rest/recovery, hydration, supplementation, etc. all have their place. However, if you are not consistent in your training, the other factors don’t really matter.

How can you build a sold foundation of strength and fitness with a “hit or miss” ?

The answer is, you can’t. It’s just that simple.

Two steps forward, then three steps backward puts you in reverse !

This shouldn’t be hard to understand, but many people just don’t get it.

Life happens and unexpected circumstances happen to everyone, but you can still strive to be consistent no matter what.

That’s exactly what you should do!