Laser-like focus is the key

One of the main things I have learned over the years from my martial arts, military service, and strength & conditioning is the importance of focusing 100% on the immediate task at hand. I remember many times having the door position on a night jump from a C-130; the only thing that mattered was seeingContinue reading “Laser-like focus is the key”

Quarterly Strength Tests run all this week

Every three months our people are tested for one rep. max. on each of 5 lifts bench press deadlift strict shoulder press back squat squat clean Each lift must be done with correct technique to be counted full range of motion correct bar path smooth controlled movement Everyone is expected to exceed their previous 1Continue reading “Quarterly Strength Tests run all this week”

Hyponatremia: a bigger threat than rhabdo to athletes

Back in the early days of CrossFit, the fitness world started hearing a lot about rhabdomyolysis from articles like this one Yes, this does pose a legitimate threat to a person’s health and coaches/trainers need to educated on it and make sure those they train get the information on it too. Since I firstContinue reading “Hyponatremia: a bigger threat than rhabdo to athletes”

Grip strength–shout out to Jedd Johnson

Though there are other coaches and athletes who emphasize grip strength, Jedd Johnson was the first one that got my interest in it about ten years ago. A weak grip is like no grip at all! Think of how many things in your daily life that require grip strength. Even something as basic as aContinue reading “Grip strength–shout out to Jedd Johnson”

Finding your mentors

“None of us are as smart as all of us.” –author unknown When you are a young and cocky “know-it-all” and it’s obvious that all the world’s problems could be solved if they just listened to you; you are unknowingly in for a brutal wake-up call. Many people think they have it all figured out,Continue reading “Finding your mentors”

Squats for life

Athletes and coaches know that squats are vital to athletic performance. However, the general public does not know how important squats are for every day living, especially for older folks. Losing the ability to stand up unassisted is one of the major reason people end up in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Once theContinue reading “Squats for life”

The one-legged surfer

I often run into people who definitely refuse to accept limitations as opposed to those who never even try anything difficult. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about a young gal with no arms who seemed to doing just fine eating a a pizza place we were at. This evening, we wereContinue reading “The one-legged surfer”

Powerlifting & Strongman–two very important parts of our training

I was thinking the other day about the things that have been the greatest help to me in my own training and the training I have others do here at the Cave. While I am a big believer in tough bodyweight training, being able to interact with and learn from Powerlifters and Strongmen both inContinue reading “Powerlifting & Strongman–two very important parts of our training”