Upcoming events at the Cave

quarterly strength test starts March 30 Every 3 months we test our crew on five different lifts, the tests are conducted throughout the week squat deadlift bench press clean (replaces hang power clean) strict press (replaces Strongman log lift) summer body & brawn contest starts April 1 (men & women) Note:  This is not justContinue reading “Upcoming events at the Cave”

Euipment test on the Black Widow mini-sled

I used this new sled along with some bodyweight exercises for a “killer” workout at the park. Cave Strong– equipment test-1 http://coachfrankdimeo.com/DewussifiedTraining/ from Frank DiMeo on Vimeo. warm up Why not use the fence since it’s there? time to push back on the fence longer push this time final analysis

How to tell if you’re training a “genius”

Just a quick recap of my training/coaching experience between martial arts, military, and fitness adds up to around 40 years or so. That in itself is not a big deal, I just love what I do. Over the years I have trained many different people from all walks of life, with all types of personalities.Continue reading “How to tell if you’re training a “genius””

How my nutrition is set up

I run the Cave as a “strength-based” coaching center. I believe in lifting heavy and that strength drives all human movement. I eat a lot of grass-fed beef, organic eggs, free-range meats, and wild-caught fish in addition to plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. You might wonder, with such healthy eating, why I also useContinue reading “How my nutrition is set up”