When your business overwhelms you

Gym owners know this feeling as do other small business owners. We try to do it all by ourselves, and it eventually becomes unsustainable. Chris Cooper covers how to break free from that strategy in this excellent book Chris has been in the trenches for a long time and is not some self-proclaimed Internet guru.Continue reading “When your business overwhelms you”

We have two certifications coming up

  macefit.com Instructor Certification (Florida) macefit.com Instructor Certification (North Carolina)

The old guy with the dumpy gym

I learned over the years that you shouldn’t spend more than you make. When I moved from my old location to what is now the Cave, I kept that financial approach in place. Just about everything we bought was used. The rest we made ourselves or had skilled friends  make it for us.  On rareContinue reading “The old guy with the dumpy gym”

How to keep overhead from killing your small gym

I used to run very large martial arts classes, up to about 100 people at once. Over they years, I found it was much better to work with smaller groups better coach to client ratio means more quality instruction safety is improved results are better less overhead When I transitioned to the strength and fitnessContinue reading “How to keep overhead from killing your small gym”

How to make training progress in a culture that hates correction & accountability

Many people have an aversion to the truth, especially hard truth.  Some gyms will pander to the hyper-sensitive people out there; but real gyms won’t. It seems no one want to be told they are wrong, even if they are. Maybe that’s what a “judgement free zone” is. You can really be doing it allContinue reading “How to make training progress in a culture that hates correction & accountability”

Today is macefit.com day!

We are really psyched to let you know about our new website,  macefit.com which is for people who want to start a mace and club training program at their gym. You can see numerous people swinging maces online, but that doesn’t teach you how to program  the training for people just starting out. We haveContinue reading “Today is macefit.com day!”

Common “money leaks” to avoid in your gym business

I was listening to Bud Jeffries the other day on the Motivation & Muscle podcast show and he mentioned that many of the claims that people make about how much they make from their gym business are false. If you are spending more than you make, regardless of how many clients you have, you areContinue reading “Common “money leaks” to avoid in your gym business”