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general warm up (10 minutes)

kettlebell suitcase swings x 30 reps

Adex club front clean & squat x 20 reps

recline rope climbs x 3

isometric close grip pull x max effort x 1/1/1

specific warm up (5 minutes)

sled push/farmers walk set up and light practice

strength (20 minutes)

sled push x 50 feet followed immediately by farmers walk x 50 feet

x 1/1/1/1

conditioning/accessory work (3 rounds)

Adex club crucifix  squats x 10 reps

dumbbell pull overs x 10 reps


This is the motto for our men’s weightlifting club called Iron Brotherhood

One of the reasons this club was formed was to bring guys together through various types of strength training.

Many guys are totally isolated these days, except the “fake world” of social media.

Men left to themselves often times self-destruct.

They go home very day and put up their walls and forget everyone else.

One thing I see many guys relate to is brotherhood, and they rarely find it outside of the military. Military friendships often are lifetime friendships; but it takes more than texting or messages on Facebook.

Guys need to fighting for something side by side. Once they are in the civilian world, that type of experience is rare. First Responders, Fire Fighters and Law Enforcement guys share a level of friendship and trust that others will never know about.

Our club gives guys a chance to battle the iron together. No, it is not combat or running into a burning building or chasing down the bad guys; but it is what we can offer here in our community, and it works.


general warm up (10 minutes)

kettlebell swings x 30 reps

Adex club pull overs x 30 reps

Zercher sandbag squats x 10 reps

Strongman log cleans x 10 reps

specific warm up (5 minutes)

triple tire flip and rear drag** set up and light practice

strength (20 minutes)

triple tire flip and rear drag** x 1/1/1/1

**drag tire backwards to your starting point

conditioning/accessory work (2 rounds)

lateral sledge hammer strikes x 10/10 reps

tire pummeling x 10 reps

No one gets  strong by accident!

If you don’t want to lift heavy, don’t come in.


Legendary Powerlifter, Ed Coan (left) and myself (right) at Coach Coan’s Powerlifting Seminar.

Here at the Cave we continuously strive to bring you the very best training we possibly can. We learn from the best coaches/athletes  around so we can help you achieve your goals.

When you see this sign, drive through to the back parking lot!


Every year I love watching the CrossFit Games (even people who don’t like CrossFit often still watch them, go figure).

The jaw-dropping performances almost stagger the imagination; but there is the catch.

Many people just think “I could never do that”, and you know what? They are right.

They have already sabotaged themselves. They have given up without even trying.

Sad to say, but this is prevalent in our culture.

Others think, “If they can do it, so can I”, and they are also right, if……

The big “IF” is whether or not they are willing to pay the price to make it a top priority in their lives.

  • Will they sacrifice other things to train?
  • Will the dial in their nutrition?
  • Will learn and practice the best recovery methods?
  • Will they hire expert coaches and do what they say?

All the very best athletes do all these things and more.

If it is worth it to you, dig in and get started!