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Today was a phenomenal day. We rested and took some time to go the beach and just relax.

If you were brave enough to read what I posted yesterday, this will be a breath of fresh air.

I was in the water,  which looked like crystal clear jade, looking back at the beach.Siesta-beach

The sun was intense, the sand was almost pure white, the palm trees and sea oats were waving in a gentle tropical; breeze.

I watched a beautiful, shapely woman walking towards me and it was like a dream.

It wasn’t a dream, though, it’s how my wife (the beautiful, shapely woman) and I relax whenever we can.

Both of us strive to keep ourselves healthy and fit. We are part of the counter-culture in America that refuses to take the path of least resistance and let our bodies and minds deteriorate.

  • we eat clean
  • we exercise regularly
  • we live a healthy life overall

Most everyone we hang out with is part of the counter-culture too. They are fit, strong, healthy, and have positive attitudes about life. Life is so much better this way!

As I approach my 65th year of life, I am more psyched about training and life than ever.

There is so much life to be lived still and we plan on living it to the fullest!

Slow suicide in American culture

Posted: August 24, 2015 in motivation

Many people won’t ever think of taking their own lives in a sudden, violent manner; yet they slowly kill themselves each day.
Smoking + junk food+ sleep deprivation + stress + lack of exercise = a slow death
Add in excessive alcohol consumption and you speed it up a little more.
Look around you and you’ll see it almost everywhere.

  • family
  • friends
  • coworkers
  • neighbors

You see the “out of control” obesity, the weakness, and the apathy in so many.

I used to say  that the most dangerous weapon in America was the fork, however, smoking is a close rival.

Terrorists aren’t our biggest threat; eating junk food and smoking are way more dangerous.

I have watched  people’s health decline right in front of my eyes from this.

When the human body is derived of exercise, proper nutrients and of sleep, the downward spiral begins.

Add extreme stress and constant anger to the mix and it gets worse.

Then pump poison fumes into the lungs (by  smoking) and a death sentence is in place.

Just a thought

If you cannot handle hard truth, don’t read any further!
Few things in life tick me off as much as the intentional trashing of a person’s health. I see it in different forms every day.

Contrary to popular belief, we are accountable for our actions (and lack of action).
Cause and effect apply to everyone, even you think it doesn’t

  •  If you eat garbage (aka fast food) you get fat
  • if you don’t exercise you get weak (if you “pretend” to exercise, but don’t lift heavy, you still get weak)
  • if you don’t get enough sleep, you get sick
  • if you smoke you will probably get cancer

None of this is rocket science!

People love to avoid the facts and to avoid  the hard work it takes to be fit and strong.

  • there are no short cuts
  • there is no magic pill to get you a healthy body
  • you can’t download a healthy, fit body
  • you cannot get fit and strong without doing the work

I am so tired of the excuses people make about why they can’t get in shape.

The biggest reason is that they are lazy and undisciplined!

Many people just don’t want to see the obvious.

What a person used to do doesn’t matter today. You have to earn that fit strong body each day.

There is no such thing as lifting little “bunny weights” to maintain your fitness.

Excessive cardio won’t do it either, though some cardio is needed.

I am shocked at what I hear from those who are supposed to grown up and mature in their thinking.

Remember, you won’t get the body you want; you’ll get the body you earned.

Anyone who has had serious health problems, or has a loved one who has, knows how hard it can be.

I hope this video will encourage all of you

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