Longevity & health: the American counter-culture

Today was a phenomenal day. We rested and took some time to go the beach and just relax. If you were brave enough to read what I posted yesterday, this will be a breath of fresh air. I was in the water,¬† which looked like crystal clear jade, looking back at the beach. The sunContinue reading “Longevity & health: the American counter-culture”

Slow suicide in American culture

Many people won’t ever think of taking their own lives in a sudden, violent manner; yet they slowly kill themselves each day. Smoking + junk food+ sleep deprivation + stress + lack of exercise = a slow death Add in excessive alcohol consumption and you speed it up a little more. Look around you andContinue reading “Slow suicide in American culture”

Willful blindness to the facts of fitness and health

If you cannot handle hard truth, don’t read any further! Few things in life tick me off as much as the intentional trashing of a person’s health. I see it in different forms every day. Contrary to popular belief, we are accountable for our actions (and lack of action). Cause and effect apply to everyone,Continue reading “Willful blindness to the facts of fitness and health”