100% or not at all

I have heard quite a few people say this to me about  training over the years, and it sounds like they are really motivated. I used to believe them when I was  just starting out. I would  think, “That guy is going to do really well. ” Here’s what he was really saying (between theContinue reading “100% or not at all”

“I’m freezing!” Really?

I grew up in Massachusetts, but I escaped to Florida as soon as possible. Since I did a lot of hard physical labor for my work, I adapted well to the change of environment. So today, we got our first “chilly” day here in this beautiful beach town I already know I’m going to seeContinue reading ““I’m freezing!” Really?”

Powerlifting can make your stronger than you’ve ever been

I love all forms of heavy lifting! Many people, especially from other training disciplines, don’t seem to appreciate how strong Powerlifting can make a person. This is to their own detriment. People who may never have the desire to compete in Powerlifting, should still include Powerlifting in their training anyhow. My gym, the Cave, startedContinue reading “Powerlifting can make your stronger than you’ve ever been”