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I have heard quite a few people say this to me about  training over the years, and it sounds like they are really motivated.

I used to believe them when I was  just starting out. I would  think, “That guy is going to do really well. ” Here’s what he was really saying (between the lines),”I’m not going to any of this but I don’t have the guts to tell you.”

The  focus was on the “not at all” part of the statement in his statement, not the “100%” part.

It is beyond me why anyone would not want to be healthy and strong. It makes absolutely no sense.

Is being sickly and weak a  better deal in life?

If I have a person come to discuss training and he tells me he doesn’t really know how to lift, but he wants to learn, and is humble and hungry for solid training advice, he is one who will probably take action and train consistently.

No big ego, no big talk, and maybe not even in decent shape at all (yet),

he’s the person I want to work with! He will listen and apply what he learns.

I grew up in Massachusetts, but I escaped to Florida as soon as possible.

Since I did a lot of hard physical labor for my work, I adapted well to the change of environment.

So today, we got our first “chilly” day here in this beautiful beach town I already know I’m going to see people wearing hooded sweat shirts, jackets, etc.. I almost have to laugh, because it’s not really cold out.

The bad part is that they won’t adjust to the cooler temperatures because they don’t give their bodies the chance to naturally.  Why should your body adapt when you are smothering it with warm clothes? It doesn’t have to.

In like manner, many people who move here from up north never adjust to the heat. They are always staying in air conditioned environments. Their bodies are being kept from adapting to the heat.

How healthy do you think it is to over react to slight temperature changes like this?

In my opinion, it’s not healthy  at all. It’s just another example of weakness.

People just refuse to toughen up unless they are forced to. Why not just choose each day to toughen up a little more voluntarily?

You will not regret it!


schedule changes

Posted: November 12, 2015 in #whatsyourgameplan

There  will not be any more 6:30 am classes until January

Also, the Cave will be closed this Friday (Nov. 13)

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