Fatloss hype & panic on New Years

A wise man once said, “Don’t let the urgent block out what is important.” Being fit and healthy is a 24/7, 365 journey. It is a hard journey, but well worth it. That is one reason the New Years fatloss hype and panic on New Years is pathetic. When my friend and mentor, Bud Jeffries, Continue reading “Fatloss hype & panic on New Years”

Mindset and heart matter the most

Before the New Years madness begins

Two holidays back-to-back can set you back more than you think, unless you are an extremely disciplined person. Many in America will gain about ten pounds during the holidays. This seems to be repeated every year, and it adds up. Most people never take that extra weight off. However, that doesn’t have to be theContinue reading “Before the New Years madness begins”

Do training and holidays mix?

Of course they do, but you have to be smart about it. Give 100% to what you are doing that day. If you are training, then train hard, if you are relaxing with family and friends, then give them your full attention. Training requires total concentration, if that is your task that day, nothing lessContinue reading “Do training and holidays mix?”

Leave your differences outside the gym

To say that we live in a world full of chaos and bitter divisiveness would be a gross understatement. This group hates that group, and on and on it goes. Whether it is religion, politics, sexuality, race or whatever many act like they have the only right way to live and you should be justContinue reading “Leave your differences outside the gym”

What brings the most improvement?

I read an article in T-Nation last year that really stuck with me. During yesterday’s Deadlifts for Disaster Relief  event, one of our lifters had gone from a former PR of 235lb  a few months ago to a new PR of 355lb. That is a big jump! He was pretty strong already when he cameContinue reading “What brings the most improvement?”

Pursue excellence one reps at a time