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A wise man once said, “Don’t let the urgent block out what is important.”

Being fit and healthy is a 24/7, 365 journey. It is a hard journey, but well worth it. That is one reason the New Years fatloss hype and panic on New Years is pathetic.

When my friend and mentor, Bud Jeffries,  decided to lose  100lbs he took consistent action for a year or so and did it. In fact, he lost more than that!

Another example is a person I recently met, Sandra Bedell, who worked to drop from 392lb to 187lb. This didn’t happen overnight.

New Years is one of the two most hyped up times of the year for fatloss schemes, “miracle” diets, silly “fat-shrinking” devices, and magic pills.

Unfortunately, many people fall for this garbage. Every year I wonder why people who are supposed to be reasonably intelligent get caught in this mess.

There a few reason I have found–

  • people being  lazy is the biggest one
  • there is too much bogus information online and in magazines
  • some are so desperate they will try anything

I never want to discourage anyone from making a new start on their health and fitness at any time of the year. In fact, I applaud them!

Just remember, it takes discipline and hard work all year, every year to do be in top shape or even to be reasonably healthy. It does not happen by accident.

Please share this with a friend or loved one who is struggling with being overweight. Don’t let them get fooled again!



Two holidays back-to-back can set you back more than you think, unless you are an extremely disciplined person.

Many in America will gain about ten pounds during the holidays. This seems to be repeated every year, and it adds up. Most people never take that extra weight off.

However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Here’s a simple solution for 2016

  • don ‘t wait until New Years to start improving your fitness, start now
  • don’t get caught in the fitness and miracle diet hype that comes each New Years
  • do think seriously about what changes you are willing to make
  • do set achievable fitness goals
  • do take action consistently

It’s just that simple, though it is not easy!

Here’s a few “take home points” for you–

  • if you know how to train effectively already, get to work!
  • if you don’t know how to train effectively, hire a good coach and stick with him
  • you do not need a gym to get in shape, you can train at home just fine
  • don’t waste your money on new equipment,  used equipment is just as good and much cheaper
  • if you want to follow an online coaching program, make sure you do your homework. There are some good ones out there and a whole lot of phonies too. Choose wisely!

For those of you who are experienced in training, this will seem like just plain common sense, however, that is in short supply for the general public. Many people will get scammed during the  New Years rush to get 6-pack abs or movie star figures (without doing any  serious work for it, of course).

Friends don’t let friends get involved in fitness scams!


Of course they do, but you have to be smart about it.
Give 100% to what you are doing that day.
If you are training, then train hard, if you are relaxing with family and friends, then give them your full attention.

Training requires total concentration, if that is your task that day, nothing less will do.

Family and friends should also have your full attention when you are with them. Once again, nothing less will do.

Don’t confuse the two different types of days!

Remember, very few people, if any, will give a rip about your training; so don’t bore them with it. Talking about your training, nutrition, or discipline with people who could care less about those things is pointless.

Remember, most people don’t “get it”, so save your enthusiasm for the gym.

When you get to the gym, garage, or back yard to train then absolutely crush it! Relentlessly attack your training. Grunt and yell all you want. Don’t settle for less than your total effort on every rep!