Convenience is the killer

Americans are notorious for packing their schedules too full, but they are not alone. Convenience beckons them with fast food instead of real food, energy drinks instead of sleep, texting instead of talking to people face to face,  and fat loss gimmicks instead of effective fitness training. Soon or later convenience will cost them dearly. The mindsetContinue reading “Convenience is the killer”

Be thankful, it’s good for your health

This Thanksgiving I am not giving the usual advice I normally do about eating, drinking, etc. Nope, this year I am just urging people to make the most of the holidays with the people they love. Be grateful for what you have where you live (you could live in a war zone), what you have (youContinue reading “Be thankful, it’s good for your health”

Chaos + fear =stress which wrecks your health

You see it and hear it almost everywhere. People are all churned up inside and are constantly stressed out. As part of men’s health awareness month or Movember we are looking at numerous things that can wreck your health. Not that ladies don’t deal with a lot of stress (and they do in a big way)Continue reading “Chaos + fear =stress which wrecks your health”

Squatting for lifelong independence

Let me be very blunt, if you cannot get up out of a chair or off the toilet by yourself, you are no longer physically independent. Talk to anyone who works in health care, especially with the elderly and you will see what I mean. The best way to avoid that as you get olderContinue reading “Squatting for lifelong independence”

Someone else being skinny didn’t make you fat

Being healthy is not your default condition

Many people today think they are entitled to be healthy without doing anything about it. I am not just talking about being lean or ripped, just generally in good health. Folks, it’s not just a given that you will wake up each day and be healthy, much be fit. Granted, some people are born withContinue reading “Being healthy is not your default condition”