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Running is not the only form of cardio, contrary to what some people might think.

Here’s some of how we do cardio at the Cave, if you like to run you can always run at home, you don’t need to pay someone to tell you to do that.


general warm up (10 minutes)

clock push ups x twice around the clock

resistance band archer pulls x 25/25 reps

Adex club long cycle swipes x 30 reps

Burgener drills

specific warm up (5 minutes)

dip cleans set up and light practice

strength (20 minutes)

dip cleans x 3/3/3/3/3/3/3 reps

conditioning/accessory work (2 rounds)

Sanddune jumps x 15 reps

kettlebell swings x 30 reps


In a couple of days the New Years madness will begin. Lots of “hootin’ & hollerin” and phony resolutions made by drunk people.

The fact is, nothing will be different on Jan. 1, 2018 for most people than it is right now.

The “bottom feeders” of the fitness world will be pushing their miracle diets and fast easy ways to lose huge amounts of weight really fast with no effort.


Unfortunately, the general public actually falls for their lies and hype.

People often times don’t know (or don’t really want to know) how much hard work and discipline it takes to be healthy and  in shape over the years.

Like the title of this article says, you have to make smart choices and work hard day by day to get fit and stay that way.


I have often said that I refuse to want someone’s improvement in health and fitness more than they do.

Today, I believe that more than ever! That is why I don’t have any “casual” members at my gym.

I refuse to work with lazy people who constantly miss training.

I just won’t do it!

On the other hand, I love to coach people who really dig deep and give it all they have every time they train. They are like clockwork in their consistency, they always show up.

The results follow the work!

img_20150502_171543I have learned a lot from this man, Zach Even-Esh, over the years; especially about refusing to accept excuses from anyone, including myself.

There are a handful of coaches I have followed for well over 10 years, Zach is definitely one of them!

general warm up (10 minutes)

rear bear crawls x 100 feet

push ups x 25 reps

Adex club long cycle swipes x 25 reps

traveling broad jumps x 100 feet

specific warm up (5 minutes)

bandido  deadlifts set up and light practice

strength (20 minutes)

bandido  deadlifts x 2/2/2//2/2/2 reps

conditioning/accessory work (3 rounds)

Sanddune split squats x 10/10 reps

weighted  calf raises x 20 reps




You will find maces in all kinds of places! This type of training is growing like wildfire all around the globe!

You can learn this too, click here for our training schedule. (classes are $15)


Most people train only in linear movements, but life doesn’t always move in a straight line.

Being Mace Fit means you have better mobility,  coordination, midline stability, rhythm, strength, and endurance in all planes of movement.

Mace Fit is a name I use to cover all our centrifugal strength training with maces or clubs. It’s just easier to remember.

Are you Mace Fit?