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general warm up (10 minutes)

resistance band vertical pull a parts x 50 reps

plyo push ups x 15 reps

traveling broad jumps x 100 feet

strict dumbbell press x 10/10 reps

specific warm up (5 minutes)

push press set up and light practice

strength (20 minutes)

push press x 7/7/7/7 reps

conditioning/accessory work (2 rounds)

Adex club long cycle swipes x 25 reps

Neuro Grip plank x max. hold time x 1


This young man has trained with me for a little over 5 months. He was super skinny when he started but has put on 15lb so far and is much stronger now.

general warm up (10 minutes)

walking lunges x 100 feet

side shuffles x 200 feet

Adex club barbarian squats x 15 reps

Battling Ropes side-winders x 50 reps

specific warm up (5 minutes)

rear sled pull set up and light practice

strength (20 minutes)

rear sled pull x 100 feet x 1/1/1/1/1

conditioning/accessory work (2 rounds)

Iron Boot squat & alternating  knee raise x 20 reps

resistance band hamstring curls  x 10 reps








general warm up (10 minutes)

Sanddune power steps x 100 reps

resistance band pause face pulls x 20 reps

resistance band Sumo high pulls x 15 reps

Adex club front clean & squat x 15 reps

tuck jumps x 10 reps

Burgener drills

specific warm up (5 minutes)

squat cleans set up and light practice

strength (20 minutes)

squat cleans x 5/5/5/5/5 reps

conditioning/accessory work (3 rounds)

keg power press x 5 reps

Zercher sandbag squats  x 10 reps





If you are a disciplined person, this won’t affect you; however, most people are not.

Twice a year, New Years day and just before bathing suit season (aka summer) starts people who have not been working out or  eating clean all year start to panic.

All of a sudden, they want a better-looking body and they want it fast.

Of course, they also want it to be easy.

Hence, they fall prey to the many phony fat  loss schemes and miracle diets that slick marketers will be pushing during that time.


News flash:  you cannot get fit or healthy or better-looking overnight

The people who want to look healthy and fit don’t worry, because they have been doing the things it takes to be that way all year, and it shows.

Discipline is not impossible to develop, though it is in short supply in the “popular culture”.

People are not entitled to a healthy, fit, good-looking body no matter how much they think they are.

They will have to work hard for it over the course of months and years.

There are no short cuts or easy ways.

It is not too late to start being a more disciplined person.

The rewards will be well worth it!



general warm up (10 minutes)

Sanddune hand walks x 50 reps (on fists)

clock push ups x twice around the clock

sit ups x 20 reps

mountain climbers x 100 reps

dumbbell high pulls x 10/10 reps

specific warm up (5 minutes)

bench press set up & light practice

strength (20 minutes)

bench press x 5/5/5/5/5 reps

conditioning/accessory work (2 round)

tri-set tricep complex x 3 reps

dumbbell rows x 5/5 reps

resistance  band pull a parts x 50 reps