For better health, live life minus the madness of popular culture

A movie or story might start with “Long ago and far away” or “In a simpler place and time” to set the mood. People often hunger for these things since we now live in a world filled with rage, hate, gross immorality, and violence. All these things produce huge amounts of stress, and can wreckContinue reading “For better health, live life minus the madness of popular culture”

Convenience is the killer

Americans are notorious for packing their schedules too full, but they are not alone. Convenience beckons them with fast food instead of real food, energy drinks instead of sleep, texting instead of talking to people face to face,  and fat loss gimmicks instead of effective fitness training. Soon or later convenience will cost them dearly. The mindsetContinue reading “Convenience is the killer”

True recovery is more than just not lifting for a couple of days

Anyone who lifts heavy and hard knows how important it is to get adequate rest and recovery. In fact, all those who train hard, even if they are in a non-barbell sport, know this. However, many people sabotage their recovery through excessive amounts of stress. Much of that stress comes from being completely immersed inContinue reading “True recovery is more than just not lifting for a couple of days”

Chaos + fear =stress which wrecks your health

You see it and hear it almost everywhere. People are all churned up inside and are constantly stressed out. As part of men’s health awareness month or Movember we are looking at numerous things that can wreck your health. Not that ladies don’t deal with a lot of stress (and they do in a big way)Continue reading “Chaos + fear =stress which wrecks your health”

Staying focused when life gets tough

Many things can break your focus if we let them. Staying true to your goals is especially important when things go wrong. Chaos does not have to be your default way of life. Much of it we bring on ourselves through  TV, news, and social media. Add busy work schedules, parenting, school, etc. and things canContinue reading “Staying focused when life gets tough”