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Honoring those who trained during the holidays, much respect!


As I said in a Facebook post earlier this week, the New Year means nothing other than a change of date on the calendar.

People have assigned  a somewhat mythical quality to New Years, maybe resulting from just being frustrated, discouraged, or afraid (or even all three).

The fact is, nothing changes if nothing changes in you.

The full responsibility for your life improving rests on you! It’s in your hands.

All the politicians, judges, and special interest groups in the world cannot improve your life or health. That’s your job.

So start thinking “do” not “new” year.

What will you do each day to improve your life and health?

How can you improve 1% each day?

On New Years eve, people all over America will get drunk and do stupid things.

They’ll watch the ball drop in Times Square (for what purpose, I still don’t know).

I’d still rather hear a barbell drop!

They’ll hoot and holler and go back to doing what they have always done with the same lack of progress as last year.

So unless a person just like lying to themselves, they will actually start making better choices each day and taking action on them.

Don’t be delusional, take real action and get real results.