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Just brought a Grinder Kord (suspension device)and my Adex mace today

On November 4-5, in Miami, and unprecedented training event will take place.

Dual certifications in steel clubs and maces!

Coaches & athletes who “get it” about where fitness is headed next are flocking to these certifications. From Sydney, Australia to Rome, Italy people are learning from the best.

Now we have the best coming to Miami next month!

Are you one of the coaches & athletes who “get it”, and take action,  or are you a bystander and satisfied with the status quo?


Register here

If money is a little tight, no problem, just text me at (941)228-8341 or Facebook PM me for the discount code if you are serious about going and you’ll save $50!





Today the heat index was 100 degrees and I trained outside. It was great!
I highly recommend that you don’t always train in A/C.
Get used to the heat, especially if you live in southwest Florida like I do.
We haven’t gotten to the real hot weather yet!
Get outside and train!