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Having a few solid guys training with you somehow makes you dig  deeper into your strength reserves  and push yourself further than you normally would training alone. While there are some exceptions to this, it is true for many guys.

Competition and accountability important aspects of having good training partners.

They will not let you slack off or be lazy! They will help bring out your best and you will help bring out theirs.

Since this is Movember (men’s health awareness month) let me also say that guys generally go downhill in isolation. Many today are “connected” only online and that is superficial at best. The rest of their time is usually spent alone, with no real friends and no accountability. Guys can rationalize all kinds of bad choices when they are alone. Many get severely depressed and decide to end it all.

This brings me back to the gym for one other point:  safety.

Our own egos will sometimes convince us that we are way stronger than we actually are and we don’t need spotters, safety bars, bar clamps, or any other safety device.

So if you get crushed under a heavy squat or bench press you are on your own.

No one is there to lift the bar off of you.

No one is there to call 911.

Men, don’t isolate yourself all the time. I understand that sometimes it’s good to have some time to yourself, but not all the time. Eventually you will lose at that game.