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Sometimes it takes a hard punch in the face for you get on the right path.

Here’s my story

One of my longtime mentors and friend, Zach Even-Esh, makes it really clear that mindset is extremely important

Fiercely focused action will help you do that.

Get an aggressive training mindset and go do what Zach said.2019-04-03 06.13.15

If your not mentally tough, your won’t be physically tough either.

So why didn’t I say strong instead of tough?

Simple, we are surrounded by a culture that want the easy way out of everything .

They just quit and walk away rather than fight their way through.

If their sense of entitlement gets blind-sided by reality, they crumble.

How in the world can a person who thinks and acts that way ever expect to persevere through hard training? They won’t, that’s all.

It takes grit, guts, and discipline to build real strength and it all starts in the mind.


At the Cave, we are constantly tweaking technique in our training.

Athletes with solid technique will lift more and with less chance of injury.

We have all seen very strong people with lousy technique who can move big weights, at least in the short run of things, but it will eventually  catch them.

Maintaining correct form from the beginning is the best and safest way to train.

Does that mean you will never get injured?

No, it just means you will reduce the risk of it.

The same thing goes for a clean lifestyle, including good nutrition, regular exercise, plenty of sleep, etc.

This does not make you bullet-proof against sickness, however, it reduces the chances of it.

One day for no apparent reason you might get blind-sided by an injury or medical challenge. You can be doing all the right things and still get whacked.

If it happens to you, do not get discouraged or just give up.

Be grateful you are still alive and learn from it. Make whatever changes are necessary to improve your situation, then be consistent in it and patiently work through the process.

You have been given the gift of a second chance and you are blessed. Never quit!



No one gets incredibly strong in a short period of time.

Though the current culture thinks it should be otherwise, people actually have to do the hard work on a consistent basis for a  long time to develop that kind of strength.

You are not entitled to strength, you have to earn it one day at a time, rep by rep, for years.

The process will involve many small PRs over the course of time (with a bigger PR once in a while).

Read up on any really strong lifters and look at how long they have trained.

It just takes time. The whole body will be changing as the strength levels improve. This cannot be safely accelerated. Give it the time it needs.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks I have seen over the years is people not being satisfied with a small PR, they want a bigger PR right now and don’t get it.

When they are strong enough, later, they will probably get it.

The results follow the work.

They always have.


One thing about humans is that they tend to keep looking back at problems instead of moving on towards what is next. They keep replaying the negative event in their minds over and over again, even when the problem no longer exists, like Hurricane Irma.

For those who lost everything, maybe even loved ones, in that storm the road to their future will be much harder. Other people were merely inconvenienced by it, but almost act like the world is ending.

Today is a new day, there are huge amounts of recovery work to do. So, let’s get on with that and on with life. That also includes on with training.

Physical strength and mental toughness are always needed in life, now they are needed even more. Stay strong for your families and others that depend on you.

Get back to your training.

Regain your focus.

Move on!