Toughen your mind and body

If your not mentally tough, your won’t be physically tough either. So why didn’t I say strong instead of tough? Simple, we are surrounded by a culture that want the easy way out of everything . They just quit and walk away rather than fight their way through. If their sense of entitlement gets blind-sidedContinue reading “Toughen your mind and body”

Good technique, good health, and the unexpected

At the Cave, we are constantly tweaking technique in our training. Athletes with solid technique will lift more and with less chance of injury. We have all seen very strong people with lousy technique who can move big weights, at least in the short run of things, but it will eventually  catch them. Maintaining correctContinue reading “Good technique, good health, and the unexpected”

Ego & impatience–the enemies of progress in training

No one gets incredibly strong in a short period of time. Though the current culture thinks it should be otherwise, people actually have to do the hard work on a consistent basis for a  long time to develop that kind of strength. You are not entitled to strength, you have to earn it one day at a time,Continue reading “Ego & impatience–the enemies of progress in training”

Regaining your training focus

One thing about humans is that they tend to keep looking back at problems instead of moving on towards what is next. They keep replaying the negative event in their minds over and over again, even when the problem no longer exists, like Hurricane Irma. For those who lost everything, maybe even loved ones, inContinue reading “Regaining your training focus”

How strong can you get with maces and clubs?

In this simple, outdoor setting this guy works up to 50kg for reps with gadas (maces). That amount of weight on a barbell is no big deal, but when you are swinging it around your head, it’s almost impossible. It can be done though, watch this guy in action!