Risks caused by obesity you probably never thought of

Many people are aware of the common health risks that are associated with obesity, like strokes, diabetes, heart attacks, etc. Today we are looking at the less obvious ones, the ones that may compromise your health care or even prove fatal in the event you need to be rescued from a fire, flash flood, orContinue reading “Risks caused by obesity you probably never thought of”

A good kind of crazy

There a lot of crazy people in this world, and not all crazy is bad. I want to talk about the people I love being around, the ones that are a “good kind of crazy”.   They are crazy enough go against the lazy, wimpy culture that surrounds us. They get up early or stayContinue reading “A good kind of crazy”

Do you have an immunity to learning?

Once you stop learning, you are done. When you think you have arrived, you are fooling yourself. Any time you think you can’t be knocked out of first place, you are doomed. You get the point, I hope. One thing I find to be very prevalent in the fitness world is a refusal to ventureContinue reading “Do you have an immunity to learning?”

Building your foundation

Your training program, and of course your home, should be built on a solid foundation. Every truly strong person I have ever met has built just that. So how does a person do that? Basics, basics, basics, and more basics! squats deadlifts presses rows pull overs cleans snatches carries sleds bodyweight Does that mean aContinue reading “Building your foundation”

Words that sabotage your progress

Victor Hugo said, “People do not lack strength; they lack will.” I couldn’t agree more. I have seen so many people destroy their own will, or mindset, through speaking weak words that arise weak thinking. Ed Coan talked a lot about this at his recent Powerlifting seminar. He would not allow any negative words to beContinue reading “Words that sabotage your progress”

Sleds, Adex clubs, & deadlifts

Looking back over the last months I was blessed to hit a new PR on my deadlift which was 10 1/2lb over my previous one. I had been plateaued for quite a while; then  I went to Ed Coan’s Powerlifting Seminar and with his coaching on the mental aspect of lifting, I broke through. AtContinue reading “Sleds, Adex clubs, & deadlifts”

When you think you can’t do any more, you still can!

Mental toughness is an elusive quality, in fact, it is so elusive in our culture it is almost extinct. Giving up when something gets difficult is the norm, unfortunately. Worse yet, not even starting a task if success is not assured and it will be easy (and of course they get a participation award) There isContinue reading “When you think you can’t do any more, you still can!”