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How many times have your heard the phrase, “Listen to your body!”?

It is so common, yet is ignored by many people.

I have learned it hard way, probably like  many others.

One particular thing I have noticed is the human body body will send you a warning, prior to a torn muscle or tendon. Usually it is a “twinge” or slight pain, during a lift. It is not that noticeable, unless you are really paying attention.

The problem comes when you think it’s not too bad and decide to push through and finish the set. So part way through the next rep BAM! You drop the bar and grab the injured part.

You are done, you won’t be lifting for a while.

So why did it happen?

There are numerous reasons:

  • you are just so focused nothing will stop you from finishing
  • you are so egotistical you think you are invincible
  • you are new to training
  • you have been training incorrectly

The point is, injuries are avoidable to a certain degree.

Good technique is a big plus when it come to preventing injuries, but even people with good technique get injured sometimes.

Listen more closely to your body next time!

I have always liked venturing into new, or relatively unexplored, territory in training

That has been a habit of mine for decades. For example when I was heavily involved in  martial arts, our dojo was doing full-contact fighting years before it became popular, and televised, of course.

Did we have all the answers?

Certainly not! We found the answers often times in painful, but memorable ways.

I still remember getting knocked out in a match, and learned a lot from that experience.

You can’t get that type of knowledge from books, videos, or downloads.

You have to live it!

Later I got involved with CrossFit when it was almost completely unknown. There were only four CF gyms in the entire world when I first found them in late 2004.

We added in  Powerlifting, Strongman, and Underground  training along the way.

Last year we started learning about maces & clubs. Almost no one I new was training with them outside of California.

I refuse to follow the herd! Doing what everyone else is raving about is not for me.



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I actually had this conversation a few years ago. I remember telling this guy that it wasn’t about length of life it was about the quality of life.

These kind of arguments are plentiful, if you like to argue. I would rather not waste my time doing that, I would rather be training.

People are often lazy or negative or both. I cannot change that if they are. It’s their choice if they want to be weak and sick.

My job as a coach is to lead by example and teach those who are  willing to learn  and work hard.

Someone once said, “There is no traffic jam on the extra mile.” That is very true, since most people seek the path of least resistance and just kind of coast through life with minimal effort.

I am 66 years young  and feel half my age. I love to train hard and stay active.

By the way, the truck never came.