The twinge, then bam!

How many times have your heard the phrase, “Listen to your body!”? It is so common, yet is ignored by many people. I have learned it hard way, probably likeĀ  many others. One particular thing I have noticed is the human body body will send you a warning, prior to a torn muscle or tendon.Continue reading “The twinge, then bam!”

Following your own path in training

I have always liked venturing into new, or relatively unexplored, territory in training That has been a habit of mine for decades. For example when I was heavily involved inĀ  martial arts, our dojo was doing full-contact fighting years before it became popular, and televised, of course. Did we have all the answers? Certainly not!Continue reading “Following your own path in training”

Featured training equipment

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One guy told me, “You can train hard and eat right and still get hit by a truck.”

I actually had this conversation a few years ago. I remember telling this guy that it wasn’t about length of life it was about the quality of life. These kind of arguments are plentiful, if you like to argue. I would rather not waste my time doing that, I would rather be training. People areContinue reading “One guy told me, “You can train hard and eat right and still get hit by a truck.””

Don’t forget: simple things can make you strong

Simple, basic exercises get results. They are not flashy or sexy, they just work. One of my favorites are close-grip Grappler rows, though I do like all types of rows. It’s so simple, many people will probably not include this exercise in their training. You just grip the bar itself, breath, brace, and pull. It’sContinue reading “Don’t forget: simple things can make you strong”