3 attitudes that can wreck your progress

Anyone who has trained for an extended length of time knows how important the “mental game” is in training. To do any type of training you must have your mindset right to make progress. Here are three things that are evidence that your mindset is wrong for training: ego greed impatience Most people know howContinue reading “3 attitudes that can wreck your progress”

Cave Strong-quarterly strength & work capacity tests #1 & #2

make-up tests General warm up (10 minutes) resistance band pull a parts x 100 reps Sanddune power steps x 100 reps Adex club barbarian pull overs x 25 reps Sanddune push ups x 15 reps specific warm up (5 minutes) bench press test rest as needed specific warm up (5 minutes) deadlift tests **Note:  noContinue reading “Cave Strong-quarterly strength & work capacity tests #1 & #2”

You cannot coach the uncommitted

I have often said that I refuse to want someone’s improvement in health and fitness more than they do. Today, I believe that more than ever! That is why I don’t have any “casual” members at my gym. I refuse to work with lazy people who constantly miss training. I just won’t do it! OnContinue reading “You cannot coach the uncommitted”

Immunity to learning is its own punishment

Voluntary ignorance is a choice, a very bad choice; yet, people make that bad choice every day. Usually it is driven by ego, which is in turn driven by fear. If you “freeze” and refuse to adapt, you get swallowed up in the backwash of those who were aware of the changes and took action,Continue reading “Immunity to learning is its own punishment”

Things that make coaching worthwhile

Why do I coach? Why do I still like coaching? It’s not the money, that’s for sure, though we make enough for what we need. If anyone wants to open a gym or be a coach because they think they will get rich doing it, they are delusional. Anyone whose main motivation in life isContinue reading “Things that make coaching worthwhile”

What our testing is showing us so far

We are just over 1/2 way through our quarterly strength/work capacity tests, and overall everyone is doing quite well. Both strength and work capacity have improved as our training records have proven. There are still some technique issues to correct, but that is not the biggest issue I am seeing (though it is vitally important). The biggestContinue reading “What our testing is showing us so far”

I thank the teacher who gave me an “F” in high school (it’s what I deserved)

There was a time when teachers weren’t afraid to fail someone in their class. I know, I was that guy. The teacher knew her subject well but I just couldn’t see any relevance of it to my life and didn’t care to learn it. I developed a really bad attitude about it and consequently failedContinue reading “I thank the teacher who gave me an “F” in high school (it’s what I deserved)”