So I asked him if double unders were so functional, why didn’t they do them in prison

That seemed like a fair question to ask, especially since this organization prided themselves on functional fitness. I had been a coach with them for many years, they were a huge global organization. My question stood, though. I didn’t get a good answer, just a strange look somewhere in between annoyance and bewilderment. It seemedContinue reading “So I asked him if double unders were so functional, why didn’t they do them in prison”

Win a free Adex steel mace

If you are an action-taker, then grab this deal now! Be the first person to register for our next Mace Fit® Instructor Certification in Casselberry Florida (near Orlando and all the attractions) and you will get a free, fully-loaded Adex steel mace. If you are not yet familiar with Mace Fit®, take a look here andContinue reading “Win a free Adex steel mace”

The Cave will be closed on April 23

Since we are having the instructor certification on Saturday and Sunday, we will be closed on Monday. We are blessed to have  people  traveling in from different parts of the U.S. and even from South America for this certification! We will make sure it is well-worth their investments in this!

Today is day!

We are really psyched to let you know about our new website, which is for people who want to start a mace and club training program at their gym. You can see numerous people swinging maces online, but that doesn’t teach you how to program  the training for people just starting out. We haveContinue reading “Today is day!”

Lots of Mace Fit classes available for 2018 at the Cave

Check out all of our Mace Fit classes , just click on our training schedule tab  

People are getting Mace Fit all over the world

You will find maces in all kinds of places! This type of training is growing like wildfire all around the globe! You can learn this too, click here for our training schedule. (classes are $15)  

Are you Mace Fit?

Most people train only in linear movements, but life doesn’t always move in a straight line. Being Mace Fit means you have better mobility,  coordination, midline stability, rhythm, strength, and endurance in all planes of movement. Mace Fit is a name I use to cover all our centrifugal strength training with maces or clubs. It’sContinue reading “Are you Mace Fit?”