Cave Strong-training of the day (TOD)

general warm up (10 minutes) rear bear crawls x 100 feet push ups x 25 reps Adex club long cycle swipes x 25 reps traveling broad jumps x 100 feet specific warm up (5 minutes) bandido  deadlifts set up and light practice strength (20 minutes) bandido  deadlifts x 2/2/2//2/2/2 reps conditioning/accessory work (3 rounds) SandduneContinue reading “Cave Strong-training of the day (TOD)”

Happy “Do” Year!

As I said in a Facebook post earlier this week, the New Year means nothing other than a change of date on the calendar. People have assigned  a somewhat mythical quality to New Years, maybe resulting from just being frustrated, discouraged, or afraid (or even all three). The fact is, nothing changes if nothing changes inContinue reading “Happy “Do” Year!”