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Anyone who has trained for an extended length of time knows how important the “mental game” is in training.

To do any type of training you must have your mindset right to make progress.

Here are three things that are evidence that your mindset is wrong for training:

  • ego
  • greed
  • impatience

Most people know how much of a problem that an out of control ego can be. Often times it is driven by fear and is just a shallow cover up. Sometimes people actually think they are much more capable than they are, Either way, it’s a trap.

People often think greed only is about money or some type of material thing, but it applies to many other things in life also.

You see someone  loading way more weight on the bar than they can safely handle because they don’t want to go up slowly and safely, you know they about to get in trouble. They want more and they want it now!

That ties right into impatience somethings just cannot be rushed. In training, the body is going through changes at every level: bones, connective tissue, etc.

It takes time for the body to get strong all over.

I remember talking with a very experienced Special Forces NCO up at Fort Bragg  and were discussing new guys wanting to be Green Berets. He said, “A lot of them want to wear the beret, but they don’t want to do the work.”

Patiently working through all the difficult parts of the journey is essential in all of life.

Whether you want to be in Special Forces or to set a monster PR on a deadlift, you can’t skip the parts you don’t like.

You aren’t entitled to any good thing that you are not willing to work for, fight for, and wait for!


I have often said that I refuse to want someone’s improvement in health and fitness more than they do.

Today, I believe that more than ever! That is why I don’t have any “casual” members at my gym.

I refuse to work with lazy people who constantly miss training.

I just won’t do it!

On the other hand, I love to coach people who really dig deep and give it all they have every time they train. They are like clockwork in their consistency, they always show up.

The results follow the work!

img_20150502_171543I have learned a lot from this man, Zach Even-Esh, over the years; especially about refusing to accept excuses from anyone, including myself.

There are a handful of coaches I have followed for well over 10 years, Zach is definitely one of them!