Book recommendation

I am studying this book now and it is one of the most informative I have read in quite a while, and I read a lot of books. Scott Iardella shows numerous reasons why strength is so important all through life, but especially as you age. He covers some subjects in depth that many peopleContinue reading “Book recommendation”

“I feel old, now that I am 35” Really?

In support of Movember (mens health awareness month) I just wrote an article on my other blog about being active and fit all your life. Too many guys are dying way too you! It shouldn’t be that way and doesn’t have to be! Read it here  

Why do so many guys neglect their health?

Since this is “Movember“. a full month dedicated to improving mens health, we’ll take a good look at these things. I often talk about lack of regular exercise being a big problem overall, however,  women are more inclined to workout as a  general rule. The guys I know who train regularly make up a small percentageContinue reading “Why do so many guys neglect their health?”