Two of our online courses are live now!

We are blessed to have launched our new online Mace Fit courses! Take your fitness to a whole new level with steel mace and club training!    

Mace Fit class last night

grave digger squats with a 50 lb Adex mace

Our Mace Fit certification prices go up in two days (but we have a deal for one person)

On August 21 the registration for our NC certification will go up from $349 to $399. Action-takers will register today ! There is an opportunity  for one person to go in on a two for one discount, we already have the first person standing by. That means you could attend the certification for onlyContinue reading “Our Mace Fit certification prices go up in two days (but we have a deal for one person)”

Military discount for our Mace Fit Certification Sept. 22-23

All military personnel with a valid ID card will get our special “2 for 1 buddy discount” at our upcoming Mace Fit certification in Clayton, NC. Come and learn steel mace and club training, one of the oldest forms of training for ancient warriors &  grapplers. Here are the details

The Cave will be closed 5-6pm for a live podcast today

Our class will be at 6pm tonight only. At 5pm come tune in to “What is Mace Fit?” Listen to the podcast here

Special Mace Fit Certification & Adex mace package for action-takers

This is a one time deal, which we have never offered before! There are only three Adex maces available on this deal. Register for the Mace Fit Instructor Certification on July 28-29 and buy an Adex mace at our “cash & carry” sale and you will get the price of the Adex mace credited backContinue reading “Special Mace Fit Certification & Adex mace package for action-takers”

Two weeks from today–Mace Fit Certification

We are psyched to see who  the next group of Certified Mace Fit Level 1 Coaches will be! Only open-minded, forward-thinking people will see where this type of training is headed. Mace training is gaining popularity very quickly all over the world. You can be part of the next wave of fitness or you canContinue reading “Two weeks from today–Mace Fit Certification”

Due to the growing popularity of Mace Fit

We are adding a brand new feature to our training options: Get a Mace Fit Pass for only $80/month and be part of the hottest new wave in fitness!

Never used clubs or maces before?

No problem!   We will be having an introductory macefit workshop in the next few weeks just for people who are curious about this type of training but have never done it before. The details will be announced soon, so check back.