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General warm up (10 minutes)
Americanas x 50 reps
Sanddune push ups x 15 reps
windshield wipers x 20 reps
jumping jacks x 50 reps
specific warm up (5 minutes)
Adex club long cycle test
rest as needed
specific warm up (5 minutes)
pull up test
**Note: no conditioning/accessory work during tests**

general warm up (10 minutes)

kettlebell figure 8’s x 50 reps

alternating kettlebell swings x 30 reps

Inch worms x 50 feet

windshield wipers x 20 reps

specific warm up (5 minutes)

Burgener drills

squat cleans set up and light practice

strength (20 minutes)

squat cleans x 5/5/5/5/5 reps

conditioning/accessory work (2 rounds)

Adex club long cycles x 30 reps

Adex mace 10-to-2 x 20 reps

Our athletes use steel clubs and maces just about every day. Our program uses both.

Sometimes in our classes and other times as a warm up for barbell training like you see here.

Don’t limit your thinking! Adding to your existing training program can improve your performance overall.