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Take it outside if your gym is shut down

I have been training outdoors for years, even though I own a gym. Plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Now with gyms being shut down all over my home stae of Florida, all our training is now outdoors. We stay in compliance with the CDC guidlines to make sure ebeyone stays safe and healthy. FindContinue reading “Take it outside if your gym is shut down”

Cave Strong-Non Gym training of the day (TOD) #551

general warm up (15 minutes) mountain climbers  x 75 reps jumping jacks x 50 reps alternating front lunges x 20 reps rotation push ups x 20 reps specific warm up (5 minutes) bodyweight circuit set up and practice strength (3 rounds) one round =  45 to 90 degree leg lifts x 20 reps + bodyweightContinue reading “Cave Strong-Non Gym training of the day (TOD) #551”

Our Cave Men getting it done without the gym being open

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Big gyms take notice: you are surrounded

One of the biggest mistakes the big chain gyms made is underestimating the power of thousands of small independent gyms. Over the past decade, big gyms have either ignored small gyms or tried to annihilate them through huge advertising budgets, lots of shiny equipment, and $10 a month memberships. Though they tried to crush us,Continue reading “Big gyms take notice: you are surrounded”

“Non-gym” workouts

Why do I train  outdoors when I own my own gym? I love training outdoors! Besides somethings you can only do outdoors, like throwing kettlebells, etc.