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One of the biggest mistakes the big chain gyms made is underestimating the power of thousands of small independent gyms.

Over the past decade, big gyms have either ignored small gyms or tried to annihilate them through huge advertising budgets, lots of shiny equipment, and $10 a month memberships.

Though they tried to crush us, we are still here,  and GOD-willing, we will steadfastly continue.

All across our nation and the world there are thousands and thousands of small gyms in garages, warehouses, basements, or outdoors.

These are the places where some of the best strength & fitness athletes train.


Never be afraid to do something that you might fail at

Don’t put limits on what you can and will do

Why do I train  outdoors when I own my own gym?

I love training outdoors!

Besides somethings you can only do outdoors, like throwing kettlebells, etc.