What coaches can do that politicians and judges never will be able to do

If you are a coach, or are aspiring to be one, pay close attention to this. You have the power to make a real difference in real peoples lives on a daily basis for the better. Politicians and judges do what they do far removed from the “real world” of our daily lives. Coaches, onContinue reading “What coaches can do that politicians and judges never will be able to do”

Simple strength circuit

Combining basic strength-building exercises is a good alternative for circuit training. We did one at our Iron Brotherhood Mens Weightlifting Club yesterday.

Squatting for lifelong independence

Let me be very blunt, if you cannot get up out of a chair or off the toilet by yourself, you are no longer physically independent. Talk to anyone who works in health care, especially with the elderly and you will see what I mean. The best way to avoid that as you get olderContinue reading “Squatting for lifelong independence”

kettlebell helicopters & sliders

The “Dad bod” –an excuse to justify being out of shape

I have read a  number of articles about the “Dad bod” and I was disappointed  to see yet another step downward for men in our nation. Men used to be strong because they had to be just to get through a grueling days of manual labor. Strength is still required today for those fighting theContinue reading “The “Dad bod” –an excuse to justify being out of shape”

The lost art of respect in training and in life

Life in the midst of the human race can be challenging, even on a good day. A lot of that has to do with how we see other people. How we treat others in the gym and in life  often depends on the filter we are viewing them through. It is very common for peopleContinue reading “The lost art of respect in training and in life”

Over trained or just under recovered?

Over training can occur, of course, however many people do not train intensely enough or often enough to warrant undue fear of it. You can hear all kinds of differing opinions on it, like anything else on the Internet, just keep in mind it is a possibility. I am more inclined to think that peopleContinue reading “Over trained or just under recovered?”

Building mass with bodyweight exercises

I love to lift barbells and other heavy things. That kind of training gets results! However, my other training passion is bodyweight training. Bodyweight exercises are deceptively hard to do. Most don’t look that difficult, but wait until you try them! Here’s an excellent training resource on bodyweight training, which I have studied already. IContinue reading “Building mass with bodyweight exercises”

Twice a year “fat panic” sets in, don’t be fooled

Summer is just about here and so is the next “fat panic” across America. This occurs   around New Years also. It is very predictable. The unreasonable fear of looking bad in a bathing suit suddenly hits those who have neglected their health and fitness all the rest of the year. Here’s the main problem, though:Continue reading “Twice a year “fat panic” sets in, don’t be fooled”