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general warm up (10 minutes)

kettlebell figure 8’s x 40 reps

clock push ups x twice around the clock

dumbbell hang power snatch x 10/10 reps

Sanddune power steps x 100 reps

specific warm up (10 minutes)

Strongman complex set up and practice

strength (4 rounds)

Strongman complex>>one round =

double tire flip & rear tire drag + log push press x 5 reps + keg squat x 5 reps

conditioning/accessory work (2 rounds)

Battling Ropes x 50 waves

alternating sandbag shouldering x 20 reps

weighted sit ups x 10 reps






general warm up (10 minutes)

Adex club 2 hand front swings x 30 reps

Adex club 2 hand side swings x 15/15 reps

push ups x 30 reps

jumping jacks x 50 reps

mountain climbers x 50 reps

specific warm up (5 minutes)

Strongman medley >>log “ground-to-overhead”/keg carry/weight plate row set up and light practice

strength (3 rounds)

Strongman medley round =

log “ground-to-overhead” x 3

+ heavy weight plate rows x 5 reps

+ keg carry x 100 feet

conditioning/accessory work (2 rounds )

dumbbell push press x 5/5 reps

Zercher sandbag cleans x 10 reps

Adex arc** front cleans x 10 reps

**short mace (substitute Adex club as needed)