I am a contributor to this streaming radio show

  //player.blubrry.com/live/?program_id=26091 This show started off as a podcast show, now it is on streaming radio! You can listen to the shows I have already done here https://cavestrong.net/podcasts/

Just folks doing good for others

None of our people are championship lifters, in fact, none of them are competitive lifters. They are just folks who wanted to help out some other folks who got slammed by life in tornadoes, floods, etc. That is why we have done  Deadlifts For Disaster Relief the last couple of years. We know it’s notContinue reading “Just folks doing good for others”

The death of mediocrity

I despise mediocrity! There is  no place for it in  my world, period. No one gives less than 100% at the Cave. Though are numbers are small, I wouldn’t trade the people we have for 100 others who think “good enough” really is. No one comes here by accident. People who want to train theContinue reading “The death of mediocrity”

Building strength without barbells

One of my favorite training tools is the sled. You can work with a heavy load and not directly load the spine. Hand-over-hand sled pulls build strength http://cavestrong.net from Frank DiMeo on Vimeo.